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What did you do to your model today?


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Fixed my maverick strada mt front left lower arm with cable ties after slipping on mud at 30mph (ezrun 60 a 8.5t is a killer on a design that was never ment for brushless)

Then I trimmed my brand new shell and fitted it with cut up cola bottle mud guards on the inside to try and protect my ezrun investment from the snow that I pray is going to arrive for Christmas.....

Last year I used duct tape over the esc and motor but found it a royal pita so maybe this year my simple but thought out design may work..... Pardon me while I curse hpi/maverick for leaving the inside of the strada chassis so vulnerable.......

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i was finally able to carry on my rebuild today where my dx3s finally turnt up after 7 days and posted 1st class recorded :(

ive set up and binded my dx3s to my sr300! :)

ive connected my new servo horn to my new titanium gear single servo mod :)

also trimmed up steering and set travel on my new dx3s! i have to say i love the ammount of tuning options has to offer!

painted my new bodyshell! but the dumb a$$ i am i forgot to apply my window masks!!!! so now u cant even see all my nice new shiny bits with the body on!!!! grhhhh lol

sanded down my new badlands tyres in prep for taping and glueing them in a minute to my new proline wheels :)

applied new rear wing and decals! there is more but i wont bore u! lol

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test run the truck...realised why i couldnt keep it in a straight line..rear knuckle is loose and needs replacing (should be a twenty min job)

broke front dogbone on one side (aluminium dog bones...why???)

found steel replacement in my spares tray...tiny bit short so fuel tubing in one end pushed it out nicely...

re tried...fuel tubing pushing dogbone too far out...so not engaging in outdrive...solution ? fuel tubing in the other drivecup(but a smaller bit)


hands ended up too cold to do any more testing/fixing (noticed rear hub extender pin is coming out)

Truck filthy...but good to iron out little problems before its bash on sunday !

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Cleaned mud from E-Maxx after Saturdays bash, also dropped pinion down 3 teeth as motor did hit 92 degrees C! Will monitor that on the next outing.

Also replaced worn pinion and ring gear from another E-Maxx diff, now good to go and is in the spares box.

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I sheared the back wheel of my scooby, ah well, that's what showing off by macking out some phat donuts is all about......can i get a hell yeah?? Sorry.......lol

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i fitted a new steering servo horn after loseing all steering yesterday and went flying ova a burm and hit a stump, turns out some muppet who had it before me had fitted a futaba horn onto the hitec servo :banghead: that had finily give way, turns out that was the seorce of my play in the steering as well.no damage tho fank god.

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