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  1. £499 for a ftx. doesn’t that now make the Traxxas Trx4 look like a real bargain… also interested why no 1080 esc? The 1040 is ok but the 50% reverse power is as stupid as it was on the Mtronics esc’s back in the day.
  2. What kind of money would you be willing to spend? My lad has this one, https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/axial-scx24-deadbolt-rock-crawler-rtr-green-446253 it’s in excellent condition/order too.
  3. oh my! I need one of these in my life! My lad sent me a pic last night and was impressed. was never a fan of the Mercedes (unless it could be the one from Jurassic world), this looks awesome.
  4. then the very best of luck to each and everyone of them, my opinion still stands though
  5. It’s very true……you can’t polish a turd!
  6. They look spot on, I can see the price being silly though….
  7. Lol, typical really, not long since got a Roc Hobby Land Cruiser and now this….. don’t need one but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one.
  8. Wow another jeep, just what was needed. I’ll take the udr everyday over this. typical Horizon though, using some of the Axial licensing.
  9. Wow, I like that! it’d make mowing the lawn much more enjoyable….
  10. Sounds like a great day, hope you guys have fun
  11. Wow, that’s taken me back, found some stuff I had and now have more eBay searches lmao…..
  12. just wow!!! I know where I’m going once I win the euro millions…..
  13. Hi all, looking for a set of these please, https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/proline-c1-bf-goodrich-mud-terrain-km3-1-9-g8-rock-tyres-25459?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInsjtovmY9wIV0t_tCh3-JA-7EAQYByABEgIiAPD_BwE as always, I’m willing to pay the right price for the right set. these MUST be the smaller class1 4.19” variety, although I could be interested in a set of the larger 1.9” 4.75” (120mm) ones too. PayPal, trades, swaps etc. thanks for taking the time to look, Gaz.
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