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  1. I raced for five years and loved it, but the lack of actual time on track was also my biggest gripe. A four hour evening involved no more than twenty minutes actual driving.
  2. I don't normally run motor fans, prefer to gear accordingly and just let the motor reach its working temperature. However, to avoid damaging an expensive item, I've added this. Sounds like a jet taking off. I had to move the motor temp probe, not entirely happy with its new location, so may review that. Shame I'm not better skilled at metal working or I'd router out a slot on the underside of the heatsink for the probe to sit in.
  3. No, it should be done every time. 3.95 is a little high. Aim for 3.8.
  4. What voltage are they at when they timeout?
  5. To run my KM X2 on 12S, I'd need almost a grand in batteries! 🤣
  6. There's different types of oil weights, CST and WT. I work with WT, 100k or 200k for the centre. 500k WT will be to stiff. However, 500k CST will be much thinner, so that might also work. A fast, high torque, servo will help you control the car, as long as there's no lag in the radio gear. You can also cheat and fit a gyro to help you.
  7. Just taken a trip down memory lane and watched some vids from the forum jams, great memories. I and my cars were in quite a lot of footage. 

    1. .AJ.


      They were epic! 


    2. froggy8


      i still watch some of my old videos too.

    3. danny boy

      danny boy

      Those were the best days for this hobby imo. Cars could be built at a fairly reasonable price, and they were easy to repair, no one was afraid to do a little damage. Since then cars got bigger and heavier and more powerful, but also a lot more expensive. Repair bills have skyrocketed and no one wants to send their £600-1000 car over the big jumps any more.


      I must be getting old thinking back to the good ol' days like this lol.

  8. HPI arms used to do that because they also had a seam running right through them, awful idea, just mould them in one solid piece!
  9. 60C isn't hot, it'll only cook if you exceed 80C.
  10. New smart lipos from Gens Ace. 




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. .AJ.


      I don’t get putting all the charger tech in the battery, leave it in the charger and make the battery cheaper. It’s not for me at all 

    3. Bajadre


      they were expensive before haha 🤣

    4. Shergar


      I actually like the Exocaged geezer, he doesn’t have a shouty youtube voice!

  11. Spare motor mount, because I like having spares of everything.
  12. Just been to the ABBA Voyage show, very good. 

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    2. Tug


      Actually saw them at Wembley in 79, apparently the last time they played the UK. I would've been nine. 

    3. Stormbringer


      Im partial to bit of Abba now and again :good:

    4. turok007


      This showed up on my youtube   i do watch ABBA now and then    


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