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  1. Just reverse it on your TX, maybe you knocked the switch by accident?
  2. Bump and open to sensible offers
  3. FB makes me laugh, I’m on Arrma 8s group and some of the stuff I see is hilarious like using wood glue as a thread lock for screws going into plastic 😂

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    2. turok007


      A lot of RC owners don't have a clue,  they got in at the high end.   I use to repair RC for people  and the amount of cars I see with totally shot bearings  but as it was brushless  they didn't even notice.

    3. Sweeney.
    4. BashingBrian


      Bookface = Millennials = Morons 🤣😂🤣

  4. Looks like most of the forum got out with their RC’s today! I’m loving all the pics 👌
  5. Broke the fan on my Leopard BL5 (Max5) esc
  6. Na i checked the temperatures after the first 10 mins and the fan was still intact then, from what I’ve seen it’s pretty common for the max5 to wreck it’s fan
  7. I’ve updated my build thread 👍
  8. The stock fan is a weird 45mm size that no one else uses or makes,
  9. It would have been the landings, it’s pretty much spotless inside, I’ve seen a 3D printed top cover that can mount 2 x 40mm fans to im going to try 👍
  10. The front mud guards did a awesome job of keeping the insides clean State of the fan 😂
  11. First bash! Wow what can I say! It drives just like a 1/8 truggy, dare I say it handled better than my 5ive B, very close tbh.. but it definitely jumps much better, I even manage a few back flips off the worn out jumps 👍 Im not convinced with the gearing I’ve been recommended, everything is hot, esc 60c, motor 75c, batteries 50c, it’s plenty fast enough, wheelies on demand even with the punch on the esc set to low, so I think I’ll gear down a touch and get a 28t pinion Run time was around 20-25mins, I was expecting a bit more, at cutoff the lipos were at 3.2v which is a bit low for liking, so I’ll up on the esc as well Ive given the truck a quick look over and no damage apart from the esc fan has lost a few fins 😂
  12. Sounds like it’s the chargers, I have a couple small lipo checkers in my tool box so I can double voltages of my packs
  13. For bashing nothing really beats the Hobbywing Ezrun Max series of ESC’s, cheap ish, reliable, high voltage bec, easy to program 👍
  14. Old habits, we used to have a very limited amount of storage for each member and mine run out, it’s been increased but I’ve never really got in the habit of using it 😂
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