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  1. Looks like there is a 1/6 Losi Lasernut on the way!



    1. Yorkshireman


      Yeah, looks very nice that. It'll be out of my price range though when it gets to the UK !

    2. markymarky


      Butt ugly 🙃

  2. This is new in box,80% factory assembled. The box and tyres have some storage marks but the buggy itself has never had electric’s etc fitted to it. More details can be found here A brilliant project for someone at a fraction of the price! RRP: £240 I’m looking for £165 including tracked postage!
  3. Welcome back fellow ex chat friend 😂
  4. I know your feeling mate. It’s a burnout most likely from being so addicted to it 😂! You know me, I’ve been Tamiya crazy for years, but I gave up my 1982 unbuilt celica a few months ago for £1,600. They never come up for sale hence the pricetag, but at the time I couldn’t be bothered with it. Now I regret selling. The whole thing is a very weird cycle!
  5. Ordered Sunday, dispatched Monday and delivered Wednesday - California US to my doorstep in England! Take note Evri you could learn a thing or two
  6. At least we can pick up nectar points when we order through Argos
  7. Welcome to the forum 🙂 I’m from your neck of the woods as well 🙂 There’s a bash every Sunday at Ashmore Park (see FB page). I’ve not been myself yet, but hear the turn out is pretty good!
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