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  1. Last night I removed the wheelie bar and found myself in a situation of making a hinge for the cage using the redundant wheelie bar mount and two rod ends attached to the cage. Now I have a secure fixing of the cage to the chassis that also allows easy access to the internals.
  2. StreetKeeper got a heart transplant today in the form of a Ford SOHC V8 427 cubic inch.
  3. Cheers for the info, might just get a steel spur for extra robustness.
  4. I'm torn between StreetKeeper and SandKeeper although arguably it an interchange between both as it's just wheels and tyres to alter the image. Funnily enough I've been working on the spur gear cover. I've trimmed the end off the spur cover to allow it to fit inside the cage. It's open ended so not fully protected but ag least the actual spur and pinion gears are covered which will help a little. Just need to tidy up the cut then give it a coat of Matt black paint.
  5. So this is what happens when you take a Team Associated DR10 Team Kit drag chassis and mate it with an Element RC Gatekeeper cage........you get the 'StreetKeeper' Much chopping and modding was done to fit the cage. Fuel tank was relocated to the front make way for space to install some future detailing parts in the rear. Even managed to make the DR10 chassis nerf guard mounts into fixings for the cage. The plan is to keep it as an exoskeleton build and do some internal detailing.
  6. So the only thing to note is the tyre is slightly wider than the beadlock so you cant usecthe beadlock rings as there isnt enough side wall to flex a wide tyre onto a narrow rim. The wheel sits nicely inside the MST TCR-M tyres and when fully tightened, the bead doesn't fall off the rim unless you pull it hard. Because there is no ring insert it also makes bolting the wheels together nice and easy. For maximum longevity a narrower ring would help stop the bead popping other wise all good. I cant speak for all M chassis wheel sizes but a 1.55 beadlock is the exact same diameter as the stock TCR-M wheels.
  7. Cheers mate! Body shell is away for shark fat paint as we speak. In the meantime I am fettling with hub offsets, chassis bracing and body mount options. Once complete it will be up for sale then on to the next build 👍
  8. Here's the initial look with the clear body loosely placed. Just need to fettle with the track width of the chassis for a smooth tuck
  9. Anyone got a cheap set of 4mm thick 12mm hexes? I need to experiment with track width alterations. Cheers!
  10. More progress today as a FedEx parcel from China landed earlier than expected! So what you are seeing here is boom racing 1.55 metal beadlocks married up to some nice touring car tyres - the match is perfection. Means I can now build my mkii escort as a restomod running on banded steel wheels ( a bit like the one below) And before anyone tries to linch me for 5 stud wheels, 5 stud conversions have been done in the real world with Sierra, Zephyr and even Volvo parts. May I should move this to the replica page instead?
  11. Made a start on the chassis tonight. Completely forgot just how fiddly building the differential is but got there in the end! Chassis is part built from bags 1 and 2 in 239mm WB. Decided to opt for a mid engine RWD layout. Whilst not true to a real escort it should give a good balance in handling, especially with the battery mounted dead centre and not be completely tail happy. Will make a start on bags 3 and 4 later in the week. In the mean time I need to acquire a servo and motor.
  12. First bundle of parts have rolled in so time to kick the build off 👍
  13. A pre emptive build thread for something that has laid dormant in my mind for quite some time. Parts are inbound though (chassis from drifted.nl, body from appliance electronics and some overnight parts from Hong Kong 😂) so time to see if I can bring the mental vision to reality 🤞
  14. Anyone got an MST TCR-M chassis they wish to part with?
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