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  2. Update no2 🙂 Did a stress test in a stadium - basicly nonstop wheel spin. ESC went up to 94C, motor to 97C. Noticed pinion didnt like it - was it too tigh or too loose?
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  4. The rush wasn't a bad chassis, it's just a shame they didn't take off, it needed a much better engine and steering setup Nice to see one still going, mine got tarted up to look pretty and well it just sits in a box since the big house work
  5. because you said..... I don't want my tyres rotating cause they do what I drive to your mechanic
  6. @Andy-Roo 😂 That's brilliant. Look forward to seeing that.
  7. Update: POWEEERRR!!!!! 💪😁 did few speedruns and a few jumps in the bmx track - nothing got broken, esc max temp 74C, motor 60C 🥳
  8. I tried to resist, honestly I did. But it was no use, I succumbed to the temptation 😜 It’ll take about two weeks for Lance to make the links, so it’ll be 3 or 4 weeks before it lands on my mat. It won’t be quick build though, probably take me a good few months to get all the parts together, but I’m really looking forward to seeing take shape…….by 2027 😂
  9. @Andy-Roo😂 no bloody wonder! I've just been looking at the t3v2 kilmode chassis. Right up my street, they look brilliant and I've seen how capable they are. Probably one of the best cheater rigs I've seen.
  10. I have my Ftx centaur 1/10 trail truck comes fully loaded with features like 2 speed gearbox , light kit , working winch ,dig unit , metal drive line ,alloy wheels with gmade 1904 tyres . This car is as new only run in house will come ready to run and in original box only selling due to change in Rc direction. Located in Nottinghamshire will post out looking for £220 + postage
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  12. @Lone-wolf and @steephill Thanks for the wheel and tyre info. Yes, I connected via BT and got the firmware updated and fiddled with settings. The small amount amount of shock oil in each shock I compared to what I had, and found it matched the 35wt I had, so used that to refill all 4 shocks. I think some brass wheels may be in order then, thanks!
  13. TommyC

    TT-02 rear axles

    No just a standard tt02. Only upgrades are alloy centre drive cups and driveshaft. It doesn’t get a lot of use tbh.
  14. Do you have the TT-02D?
  15. Some epic rigs there hitting some tough lines! That green chopped pick-up was a Poizd I think, and maybe the black bug too. Both looked absolutely killa. I've got the chassis kit and link set in the basket and I’ve got an itchy trigga finga 😂
  16. Looks brilliant mate you done a great job on it
  17. Have a look at the line at the beginning of the video...
  18. @Andy-Roo Thanks again mate 👍. The kraken sounds like it's going to be the chassis for me. I really do fancy building one of their chassis. I'm going to do a comparison test when I get chance. I can wait to give the a go.
  19. The FMC XR311 holds a very important position in the history of Tamiya RC vehicles. In 1977, Tamiya took a highly detailed plastic model kit quality body and fitted it to a brand new RC capable chassis. Whilst it was a basic chassis, it represented Tamiya's first ever RC car with suspension and their first off-road capable vehicle. It was kit 58004, so only three RC road cars had preceded it. If I had a vintage XR311 from the late 1970's, I would have undoubtedly kept it fully original. However, I have the 2012 re-release kit and wanted to treat this iconic model to something a little bit special. The original chassis uses plastic front and rear suspension components with simple torsion rods for damping. I have replaced these with a new front suspension module with metal parts and metal coil spring shock absorbers , a metal rear suspension module with shock absorbers, a metal front bulkhead and rear gearbox cover, and a metal full-length undertray. The finished chassis is an exquisite work of art and the quality of the RC CHANNEL parts is first class. The chassis is finished off with 2012 period Acoms electronics. You will be able to find a detailed video showing the kit build and custom parts on my YouTube channel, BlackSeaRC, in the coming months. BlackSeaRC
  20. If I could only have one RP it would be the Kraken-it’s a proper LCG and is really flexible when it comes to which parts can be used with it. The Poizd is just cool AF to me, a proper cheater rig but is meant to be quite challenging to build and set up due to tight clearances at the front with links and motor, which has to be a outrunner type. There’s a Poizd FB group that I joined and they seem a friendly bunch and are happy to help. A guy on there has, or is still building a budget T3V2 using Aliexpress parts, so they don’t have to be a mega money build. I don’t see why your G Shot copy couldn’t be just as capable as the real deal, unless the geometry is different in some way, of course. It would be interesting to see both chassis next to each other to compare. The T3V2 is available from HCRC along with a link kit for it. I’ve had the parts in my basket a few times now with my finger on the trigger 😂
  21. It’s done, paint turned out ok, was never going to be perfect, but has a decent shine to it. The only thing I’m not happy with is the Black and silver detailing around the windows, I always find fine detail tricky as I have very shaky hands (not unlike a Meth Addict), so when painting these the paint spread, will try and tidy up, but the black is hard to cover. number plates are a nod to the model, Monster Beetle, his age and his three initials (MB 50 JRW) I think he will be pleased with it though. in terms of originality, it has had the following new parts, rest are as it was. stickers (2015 ones) Plastic servo cover (original missing) carbon front shock tower and rear shock mounts 3d printed interior wheels & Tires (original wheels chipped and tires bald) ESC/Servo/Transmiter and receiver Front light surrounds and VW badge (originals delaminated) Ball Bearings motor mount (upgraded aluminium) Rear Wheel hubs (upgraded aluminium) Front Bumper (original missing) So not one for the purist, but a useable/reliable example now.
  22. Brilliant, thanks for that mate 👍. I thought you'd know. Wow! Those pictures! I'm gonna have to look at the Poizd T3V2, that looks a serious piece of kit. I notice the huge rear cut down prop. The only thing I've seen that's similar that is one of the negative g rigs. I'm impressed with the latest Aliexpress lcg chassis. I'm glad you pointed out it's a gshot fs copy. The body mounts are good, one nut to attach (like on the RP stuff). I've ordered a set of links for that chassis, I notice on the gspeed there's a load more clearance on the rear links,so worth ordering. Had to chop more off the body, it now sits nicely on the mounts and sliders.
  23. Also modified vitavon motor mount so now i can adjust gears mesh with a screw 🙂
  24. Not sure if any BHC-1 owners have seen there is now a truggy variant here https://www.dms-racing.com/models/models---all-types---off-road/off-road-models-2-wheel-drive/lc-racing-bhc-1-st-max-1-14th-scale-2wd-self-assembly-mid-motor-stadium-truck-kit-clear-body,-alloy-shocks,-motor-mount-and-slipper-clutch-detail Weirdly, I can only see these for sale at DMS and there is no mention of this model on the LC Racing website or a single review or mention on YouTube!?
  25. It was the "heavy duty" cheese drive shafts for my 2wd. So seems I needs some of the mip ones as it's the second time it's eaten them.
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