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  2. A fantastic box of bits from @stupar as seen on the sales page 😎
  3. You were robbed 😂 Hats off to spotting the deal of the decade!
  4. My bad, i missed that you had to pay for the privilege of not getting a painted body. Which of course is an upside, i tend to love when i have to pay more for less. I don't care what other countries pay, it's 33% more expensive here, where the majority of members of this forum live. Now keep to your promise please.
  5. this is the one and only Rally RC Car you want if you are grown up man 40years + GOT TO LOVE THAT 375mm wheelsbase 👌 Not too long, it is a rally, JUST PERFECT !!! 50mm longer than 1/8 buggy 325mm 15mm longer than GT2 and Hoboa VSE Long wheelbase 360mm this is real scale, look the fenders also that keeps out the dirt THIS IS ANOTHER LEVEL Release soon Resellers USA and GERMANY EU KING MOTOR 1/7 CITROËN RTR BRUSHLESS RALLY CAR Over at King Motor they are now teasing a 1/7th scaled Citroën RTR Brushless Rally Car. This beast of a rally car uses a giant brushless motor for extreme power and a full time 4wd system to put it to the ground. Scale rally tires come standard and there will be two choices of livery to pick from.Use this link to visit the official King Motor WebsiteLove the Fenders I HAVE PREORDER ONE TODAY 6s 1/7 RTR Look at the details. WOW https://www.bigsquidrc.com/teaser-king-motor-1-7-citroen-rtr-brushless-rally-car/
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  7. This V2 is ALOT DIFFERENT TO V1 Price is only 20bucks more than V1 horizonhobby.de what happen because BREXIT is not Arrmas fail, its UK owns fail. dont blame the car to be 33% more expensive, that is big LIE EU and US this is only 20bucks more, and here is the market for these. 1 This has alot better drive line 2 alot better diffs 3 clear body you paint self 4 50 size motor mount also 56 size adapter is option. 5 Better balansed 6 7mm more wide rear 8 easy fit XLX2 ESC tray 9 drive line is fully 8s ready with pinochio style spool. ARRMA Did great updates to already great rig . 🏁 THE NEW KING OF SPEED , ARRMA LIMITLESS V2 offcourse 👑
  8. Just make sure the wheel nuts are tight
  9. There a very troublesome engine .alot develop air leaks the lead to tuning problems
  10. After selling all my bashers due to lack of time to use/maintain them, I decided to give one of these a go. If the tests from Kev and Tomley are anything to go by then it should be a relatively trouble free basher 🙂
  11. Made a Maverick Carnage with an old Quantum and broken Carnage shell.
  12. No probs, just text us the tracking so I can make sure someones in 🙂
  13. An order I placed yesterday afternoon! Props to "Make It, Build It!"
  14. Sorry bro got called into work this morning, will post the engine and bits out tomorrow morning.
  15. Bump will take £300 collected or can post at your cost
  16. Strapped the little Insta360Go2 cam on the P2K for a couple different perspectives. Nice and lite camera that you can mount almost anywhere.
  17. Doing the diff fluids and found dirt inside the rear diff case.
  18. Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  19. That looks nice; it’s a bit larger than I was looking for but that may actually be a good thing then I’d get a smaller buggy for me & the kids to play with. Tempted by that; thanks for pointing it out 👍
  20. Scratch that, looks like it's this: https://www.dms-racing.com/spare-parts/associated-spares/associated-b6-2-or-b6-2d-spares/gear-cover-associated-b6-1-or-b6-1d-detail
  21. Could well be. It "fits" like this, but the mounting holes don't line up with anything that you could attach it to. Unless I'm missing the backing plate or something.
  22. Well that's certainly less exposed than what I have. I wonder if the person who had the car before me just cut the shell a bit excessively. I had a bit of a look after posting and saw that the B5m came with a cover, but that's quite old now. I wonder if the one you have is from that as I can't see anywhere it would mount to on the B6.
  23. ARRMA Vorteks & Emax FPV Drone now SOLD! Only have the FMS 1/24 Crawler remaining. Was £75 and now happy to let this go for £65 these will have a RRP of £135 once released so fancy grabbing one for less than half price? Cheers
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