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    Hpi vorza flux

    As above and after much reading I’m after a hpi vorza flux. If anyone has one for sale let me know preferably with transmitter+charger+batteries as been out of this for a while don’t have any anymore
  3. Lol yeh saw that but decided not to spend twice just to avoid waiting a few days. Controller is guaranteed delivery by 8 June. Got my mate (and YouTube guides) to help me figure all this lot out for the 4WS setup at some point - might as well do it all at once! Then when the stock motor packs up I'll replace with a HH. I've asked Red Winches their UK stockist for some advice on whether 21T Trailmaster is the best choice... The Crawlmaster / Trailmaster range and turn/torque/speed variety etc is a little confusing!
  4. If you can't wait for the slow boat from china , look whats back in stock 👍 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/ftx-mauler-optional-receiver-for-seperate-esc-use-not-2-in1--422676
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  6. First thing I would wonder is whether it's the right head for the motor. Secondly, is the liner seated properly? Normally, the head sits in a slight recess to get a good seal. If hte liner isn't sat right, the cooling head won;t sit right either. Doesn;t take much of a gap to lose compression, and it simply won;t run right, as you have a massive air leak there, blowing out fuel and sucking in air when the piston should be shoving fuel mix up the transfer ports. You have no chance of getting it to run right until you sort the leak.
  7. Thanks…. Only just saw this by chance (I don’t have a Mauler) and I plan to set up a 1080 tonight. 👍
  8. Thanks! It certainly moves some. Similar performance to our EMB-T but does it in a crazy fun way. You wouldn’t want it too tame though, would you?
  9. Good afternoon, I’ve recently been having a problem with the head not seating on the block probably and spitting fuel out the side! Once I get it running, (even on factory settings) it seems to run very lean. I’ve tried re-seating the head a couple of times but it just doesn’t quite sit flush. Btw this engine was bought used in unknown condition. I have been contemplating buying a new piston and liner but they seem to be in good condition. I have no clue why the glow plug plate doesn’t quite sit flush with the top of the block. I have simply run out of ideas and any help is massively appreciated!! Thanks!!!
  10. Looks proper cool, bet it shifts with that brushless motor in there.
  11. The Phillips screw set is much better
  12. The holmes motors are good .you could order 1 and when/if kit motor packs up change it then
  13. Those kits turn into nice models and i think you can still get them
  14. Well I bought this following a wine fuelled watch of a Tomley video. It was a fun build and appears great quality. Fully intended to keep it as a shelf queen as it looks so good, imho, but couldn’t resist a quick try, as you do? I have to say that it drives really well. The soft trailing arm suspension takes bumps superbly and it took several quite hard bumps and tumbles with ease. Too much lifting paint in the shell (poor workmanship by me) and scratches on the roof to be a shelf queen now, so a basher it is! Running a Surpass 3600kv/Max10 combo on 2s and 3s with the high gear ratio installed. It needs a little gyro assistance on 3s but probably about perfect on 2s. I’m not sure if I need to get the Beetle version to keep it company now, haha. Maybe with higher kv but lower gearing to get some wheelie action. These are proper fun!!!
  15. Thanks all. The Hobbywing 1080 and the ftx parts have now arrived for making it 4 wheel steer, just waiting for the flysky fs-gt5 transmitter/receiver to arrive from China via AliExpress... Also wondering whether to upgrade the stock 20T motor to a Holmes Hobbies Trailmaster 21T seeing as so many people rate it...
  16. Yes, 2 of them which are around 25 years old!
  17. It lists at £280 ish i found it for about £240 so a nice chunk enough to stay loyal to a good shop
  18. Very nice Jack and it does seem to go well
  19. Cool your really liking it out the box Jack how much did MS knock of it mate ?
  20. Bit of a pain to to get them to fit properly because of the handle moulding in the body but dremel sorted the job . The V8 decals are hiding what the battery tray did 😁
  21. Hmm the handles look great need some of them lol
  22. Fitted some door handles, wipers and V8 decals 👍🏻
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