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  1. i locked the 2 pivot parts where the gearbox connected to stop the gearbox slapping about, not enough room for a 5th shock and the back suspension is pretty stiff any way so it would be pointless 🙂 saves buying a ampro brace or faffing about nice and simple, might see about softer springs now and ordered some gold wheel nuts that look orange in the picture but they say gold, either colour would suit it, and ordered the frog 2005 hex adapters so that i can whack on 12 hex wheels 🙂 edit: i have lost count the amount of times it has rolled or skidded upside down on concrete and nothing has broke cept for the initial test drive and there is wear on the wee skid plate i put on the other side woot its working, i snapped a part of a lunchbox u bracket i had spare and that fits over the undamaged shock mount perfect to protect it and the rest of the ubracket is what my damaged shock mount has over it as a new mount 🙂
  2. hehe aye same gear box and mounts as the hornet, got a 5th shock on my lunch box for the same thing 🙂
  3. yep but stops the gearbox slamming back and forwards and the back suspension doesnt appear to move any ways when im driving it 🙂
  4. stopped the grasshopper 2 gear box slapping back and forward by locking the pivot grooves with some random nuts and bolts.
  5. Went and bought a dt-03 racing fighter and some red paint for it, should be a nice cheap build, i will use spare leccy stuff i have and had a ballrace kit already as i was thinking of replacing the dt-02 bearings a while back 🙂

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    2. Stormbringer
    3. Yrkoon


      Tamiya PS-34 Bright Red Polycarbonate Spray Paint is what im using 😛

    4. Stormbringer


      Looks nice colour :good:

  6. dont tempt me, if i wasnt so tired earlier i would of cut a alloy bar to size from the left overs of the dbx chassis and dremmeled, drilled it to reinforce the back ones, as there are convienent little hole's sticking out each side between the 2 back shocks which seem to be unused and the shell doesnt use em lol
  7. congrats free stuff is always awesome, hope it crawls good and gets you into crawling as well 🙂
  8. shimmed the front wheels on the grasshopper 2, much better now, put the stig man in it and covered up the top of a front shock tower with a wee bit metal to protect it from breaking like it did on the other side 🙂
  9. Thats what a little bit of nitro fuel tubing is for, when it snaps just use a little fuel tubing and you have a flexible joint where it snapped 🙂
  10. cheers bud, i toppeled it and it rolled side ways up a curb all on concrete earlier, no damage, it really does have insane handling, i dont think the oil shocks are doing any thing and the understeer is something else plus the almost like plastic hard rubber tyres make for a interesting ride where the slightest pebble can really set it off course, basically its a good laugh and fun 🙂 and im glad i bought it as it complements my grasshopper 1 which runs a 380 very well and i might go a comical grass hopper next just for lolz and to complete the set 🙂 edit: good thing i bodged it stronger than original one as i ordered the wrong chassis, i should of ordered the grasshopper2/super hornet chassis, i ordered the normal hornet chassis oh well spare chassis for hoppy 1 coming soon and it needs it 😛 i think it shares a chassis with the rising fighter as well which is even more prone to rolling lol https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/tamiya-rising-fighter-no-esc-1335425 edit i just stuck on its masive ariel tube, just for super retro astheitc drunken resaons, thinking of putting a litle flag on it 😛
  11. yeh its is really good fun with the bouncing and under steer and over powered 21turn 540 motor i might tone down the motor lol it came with a i believe a 27turn 380 size motor lmao remember it originally came out in 1988, i get bored with high performance ones some times and just want something thats slower and a laugh due to its handling like this and the lunchi/pumpkin 🙂
  12. sweet sounds pretty good bud 🙂
  13. looks good bud is that 10 or 8 scale?
  14. all stickered up now and body on, just had a much better test drive as well and it also lives up to the hopper name with its bouncing about and understeer, it is a bit of a handful but fun lol
  15. hehe, aye deffo not the most robust model, got it sorted and ill go easier on it next time 😛
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