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  1. I have found all of their batteries so far under-report their capacity and this latest pair definitely have more punch and run longer than a matched GensAce set.
  2. It just seems to monster everything that I put in front of it.
  3. HXB Pro and Capra duo session. The HBX has diffs that are too open, and the tyres are too hard but it is just so much fun. I was tempted to replace the wheels and stick grease in the diffs but I like how it just wants to spin out in loose dirt and requires a gentle throttle to stop it spinning out. It is also so light that crashes and flips are a non-event and I am not left wondering what might have broken like with some of my larger models. The Capra doesn't come out loads as I still prefer the slower measured crawl of my TRX4 but I always forget how amazingly capable it is. I was tempted to get some better tyres than the stock but that might make it almost too capable so sticking for now.
  4. Yup, in their own little box but with only a very thin piece of bubble wrap! Everywhere else would put the boxes in an additional outer box.
  5. Arrived today in one piece and are nice balanced. They are very optimistic with their packaging for sending soft case LIPOs and do wish they would make more effort.
  6. Got the DR8 out this morning to play in a dusty field. So much fun with this thing and the sound it makes is so visceral! This is my first car with pillow balls, is it normal for them to slacken off sometimes? Happened today when I noticed camber was wafty one side and the top or bottom had wound out quite a bit. Think I have had this once before when I first got it. Not a biggie but not sure if I am missing something?
  7. It is already going that way again for me with the Evri tracking showing it going from local depot to sender depot to local depot to central depot to local depot for the last 4 days!
  8. Not sure why there are no cars with the usual US reviewers, especially for a range of cars delayed for 2+ years!?
  9. Got a tracking number from my email but looks like it didnt speed things up and they already dispatched it on Tuesday. They just didnt seem to tell me for some reason!? The account details havent updated either to say it has gone out. Now it just has to survive Evri who last time 'package destroyed beyond repair' last time around.
  10. Decided to email them to find out but not heard back yet. Was hoping to get them for this weekend but dont see that happening. I have been pleased with them but the alleged UK warehouse doesnt seem to actually speed up the process. Good quality batteries still IMO.
  11. Wouldn't normally do this (having been burnt before) but have just pre-ordered! Considering how poorly sterling is performing, it seems a decent price in £ US buyers still getting a better deal but the $469.99 price is usually converted straight to £469.99 by the time it gets to us.
  12. £429. In the current mad pricing, this feels like fairly good value?
  13. @BigGinge They do look quite good so might grab some.
  14. Painted at the weekend but left it a few days to make sure the paint was dry. First go at painting a body which went better than I expected, but not my favourite thing to do.
  15. Don't suppose they have dispatched yours yet? Mine is still showing 'unfulfilled'.
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