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  1. Finally ran the Kagama which I think I got in November! Was a bit of a shake down to make sure all was well so only ran a single battery pack, but no issues and ran really well.
  2. Especially with their new brushless 1;10 RTR that just came out. That looks so good for the money (well the US price)
  3. Does feel like we are missing out on some good models in the UK.
  4. Had a go at sticking a JST on a LED light bar with a kit I picked up recently. A bit small and fiddly but seemed to work. Reminded me I should probably get my eyes tested!
  5. Something I have wanted to do for years with an RC! Was a lot of fun but sadly underestimated how much extra juice the paddles and the sheer open space would end up draining the batteries super quick! Will do this again in the future with more batteries.
  6. Got out with the TRX4 and Slash and it was blumin fantastic! Feels like an age since I got our properly for some RC and the weather was amazing for it.
  7. Didnt see the price the first time but that is very optimistic. Not sure why they wanted camber adjustment as well for an alleged stunt truck as those top links look like they would snap if you looked at them funny.
  8. Not keen on that as a RTR but I think the Venture kit is meant to be really good and has a lot of upgrades out of the box. I think @PraetoR might have one as a trail truck?
  9. Few bits and pieces with the main thing being a new ESC for the Slash. Nothing wrong with the current one but being stock, it isn't that keen on 3s so thought I would treat it to an upgrade. Wrong motor adaptors were sent out but as usual, Modelsport corrected their mistake and the new ones should be with me soon. They are always so good at dealing with the customer service side!
  10. They do look a lot of fun and like others say look to be more capable than a normal 1/10 rally chassis which dont have much ground clearance. Saying that, I also love the 4s Mojave and they are basically the same price. Feels like better VFM going down the Mojave route.
  11. Looks great! Is that your own design?
  12. As above, above 🤣 I did start to check before Xmas but forgot to do them all so this was a good reminder. There were a couple that had dipped nearer to 3.7 per cell but most were good.
  13. Managed to finally get out for a crawl session with the old man. Felt great getting out!
  14. And now there is a VXL 3s version which no doubt the UK will also not get 😤
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