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HPI RTR Venture Wayfinder Trail Truck


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Meet the Venture Wayfinder: the ultimate RC trail truck designed for exploration. The HPI Venture is more than just a vehicle; it's specifically designed for conquering mountains, streams, and beyond.





  • Fully assembled 1/10 scale electric-powered 4WD off-road truck
  • Hand-painted polycarbonate Wayfinder body with functional roof rack and side mirrors
  • Front bumper with brush guard, light mounts, and D-ring shackles; Rear bumper with swing-away spare tire mount and D-ring shackles
  • Adjustable rock rail side sliders for tackling tough obstacles
  • Steel C-channel chassis rails for durability
  • Front Universal Driveshafts for smooth power transfer
  • Front-mount motor and transmission for realistic driving experience
  • Adjustable battery positions included
  • All-metal gear drivetrain for extreme durability
  • Central transfer case with slider driveshafts for optimal climbing action
  • Locked differentials for superior off-road traction
  • Aluminum differential pumpkin cover for added durability
  • 12mm aluminum hex hubs compatible with various crawler wheels
  • Multiple shock mounting positions for customizable wheelbase options
  • BTA steering linkage for improved approach and departure angles
  • Panhard bar and Zero Ackermann high steer knuckle design for enhanced obstacle clearance and tight turning radius
  • 3-link front and triangulated 4-link rear suspension for stability
  • Oil-filled aluminum coilover shock absorbers with adjustable threaded bodies
  • Dual-stage shock springs for versatile terrain handling
  • Aluminum lower link/shock mounts and panhard mounts for durability
  • Chassis Mounted Servo (CMS) steering setup for realistic control
  • Adjustable body mounting to accommodate different body styles
  • All-terrain Rockthorn tires and beadlock style wheels for optimal traction
  • HPI 35-turn crawler spec motor and waterproof SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition electronic speed control for speed and crawling torque
  • Waterproof steering servo and 2.4GHz radio system for reliable control
  • Includes NiMH battery, charger, and AA batteries for radio transmitter


Link: https://www.hpiracing.com/en/kit/160510









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The body hurts my eyes and thats nothing to do with the colour. Really needs some inner fenders to fill up the massive wheel arches.
The window and handle scales look really weird, as does the front, like they smooshed the front of a Jeep with the back end of a FJ Cruiser.
Drunk they must have been very drunk.

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I appreciate that someone has tried to produce a new body that isn't a Chevy, Bronco or Wrangler but at the same time, there are some rather strange details on this one.  What is with the side mirrors for example?

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