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  1. Patiently waiting for the HBO XXAM basher
  2. So you can pretend the boat is named after you?
  3. oooooooof that is...................................salty
  4. Spot on ran on 5s with my DeWalt motor no problems.
  5. Run a castle MM2 in mine, bec goes sup to 7v
  6. Yep exactly that, that way we could get more people involved and just break it down to parts of the country i.e I could do one for for the suffolk and essex areas or east anglia.
  7. They are absolute junk, thanks for the link I will check them out as think I spotted them on amazon. Just checked and the person who built them (was second hand) put all the rings and hats in the top section ie before putting the shaft into the body 😆
  8. Right tried 20wt and I don't get any usual rebound without the spring on (well on 2 of the shocks it did once but that was it) and they feel terrible. What mods do I need to do to improve them or can someone recommend and el cheapo eBay/Amazon shocks?
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