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  1. i have discovered the best anime ever, i cannot quote any thing as i would be banned.


    ghost stories on prime, it is more screwed up than south park.


    "Ghost Stories was picked up for dubbing by ADV Studios in 2005. According to voice actor Greg Ayres, they were told to "do whatever it took to sell the show." The only condition was that the basic story and names of major characters and ghosts had to remain intact, but everything else was fair game. "




    im laughing my ass off at it, prime has that dub 🙂

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    2. Yrkoon


      nothing like initial d witch i allso watched 🙂

    3. Yrkoon


      dang it main brain im gonna have to get a AE86 shell now 🙂

    4. m4inbrain


      My first drift RC. 😉



  2. looks sweet where abouts in or near edinburgh do you bash? im always looking for new bash spots 🙂
  3. dad and i got a pair of grasshoppers when lockdown first started, we are running the stock motors and mine is heavily abused now lol heres a pic from when we first built them mine is the green one and on its second pair of back tyres 🙂 freshly built built a grass hopper 2 recently as well but this time i put in a 540 size motor with 21 turns and it keeps flipping and doing silly stuff lol
  4. any one still playing elden ring? im well over 250 hours on the pc version and on newgame + i am still finding stuff and places i never seen before.


    took a break from it a while back to play demons souls remake on the ps5 and im in new game plus on that as well lol


    then went back to elden ring and the poor ps5 disc version is just sat here twiddling its thumbs 😛


    im using a heavy claymore +25 as my main weap with hoar frost stomp on it and have a  blood ant spur+25 as a secondary and a dragon claw sheild +10  🙂



    1. LunsfordRich


      I’ve just got properly stuck into Sniper Elite 5. Testicle shots all round!

    2. Stormbringer
  5. dads been telling me all night i should post the pics and vids from earlier in this part of the forum when i took out my trx4 and dad had his trx6 out earlier so here they are 🙂 we are very impressed with how they go. heres the vids, if i full lock the steering and reverse, the tyres hit the fenders a bit but thankfully they dont going forwards lol small price to pay for shiny wheels. first up my trx-4 and now for dads 6 wheeled beast the mighty trx-6
  6. yup as aj says stefan is big boss man and gives out awesome customer service, i sent a link to my brushed triton running on brushless to them when enquiring about something else and stefan got back to me and told me to replace 2 bushings in the gear box since im running brushless and gave me the dimensions of the bearings, corally really are an awesome company to deal with 🙂
  7. heya, welcome to the forum, my dad stormbringer has one of the wee ftx crawlers and we both have grasshoppers as well 🙂
  8. had my trx-4 out and dad took his trx-6 out in the woods behind the quarry 🙂 got some vids as well 🙂
  9. i would use proper bearings instead of replacing the plastic bushings 🙂 https://www.rcbearings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=4&search=bear+hawk that bearing kit should have every thing needed plus the ones inside the gearbox etc also module 0.8 pinion i believe is the one your looking for more commonly known as 32dp for the pinion gear. stuff like this one https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/rw-32-dp-pinion-17-teeth-13777 apparently the stock tamiya 540 has a 3.2mm bore size, the diameter of the shaft coming out the motor so a 17 tooth pinion with a bore diameter the same should fit like the one i linked 🙂
  10. any one getting kittens watch out for your keyboards, our 2 are attacking keyboards and some how removing keys.


    i thought it was funny as hell untill i discovered 2 of my keys were missing, one of em had to be super glued as they snapped the part from a cherry black key that the key fits on lmao


    my key board is a ancient mionix zibal 60 with a l key super glued now yet its supposed to be rage proof lmao

    1. Yrkoon


      i think their teething as their adult teeth are coming through 🙂

    2. Yrkoon


      i typoed they broke the part from a cherry black switch that goes into the key 😛

    3. froggy8


      just use on screen keyboard 😄 😄 

  11. hehe slightly faster than my one then 🙂 cracking looking lunchie 🙂
  12. please put that in a tamiya sand scorcher and video it 😄
  13. hehe he puts up with my nonsense so figured id get him something half decent 🙂
  14. that is one sweet looking lunchie bud, is the wheelie bar mounted at 2 or more points on the gear box? if not do it here is my heavily abused one, more reinforceing connecter points spreads the stress when its slapping the wheeley bar about and stops the gear box casing breaking 🙂 oh these lights fit right in the light buckets on the front if you have the original hard shell etc https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/fastrax-white-headlights-pair--368699 the back ones require a wee bit drilling if i recall 🙂 love your lunchie and i bet its not just the kids enoying it lol edit: run mine on the stock silver can with 2s i cannae imaging it on brushless lol
  15. hahaha the size of that thing, how did it die????
  16. welcome tae the site 🙂
  17. no idea bud, my kronos stripped the gears on a servo while cartwheeling about at high speed with its massive tyres, if my servo saver wasnt too tight the servo wouldnt of stripped the gears and done its job, i honestly have no idea about your model and servo bud 😞 i was doing this when i broke the servo lol when i first got the kronos i was running it out side my house on grass and knackered its original servo with a cartwheel, corally replaced it hassle free but i didnt want to wait and their replacement servo is in my hobao dc1 crawler, i slackened off the servo saver in the kronos a lot but it wasnt enough, the savox is handling it after more slacking off lol my first cartwheel on a nitro hyper 7 black broke a servo too, still running a spectrum one on my hyper 7 that i replaced original one with and still running it after converting it to leccy 🙂
  18. yup and that battery just manages to fit in the lunchie/pumpking battery compartment, i think i have the batt upside down and i use a little velcro strap to keep the balance connector out the way 🙂
  19. the full size one must be scary if the mini looks like it can run over my kronos lol
  20. sweet lunchie,good find 🙂 looks like the stock esc though which doesnt have a cut off for lipo, dad and i use these esc's in our ones. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hobbywing-quicrun-1060-brushed-waterproof-esc-sbec-t-plug-1339464
  21. My kronos was 400 🙂
  22. dang, yeh i bet it was super annoying, your not alone with a servo screwing up i went and spent loads on a high voltage nearly 40kg servo for my kronos and on about the second cartwheel i had buggered it, turns out my servo saver was a bit tight loosened the servo saver and put in a old savox 25kg i think and its not skipped a beat lol i replaced some gears in the nearly 40kg servo from other knackered servos and its in my tamiya dt-03 at the moment lol edit: think it was one of these or similar https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/etronix-323kg-010s-standard-digital-high-voltage-servo-metal-gear-433046 dunno where im getting 40kg from im drunk lol
  23. they look good together, hope the sledgie has a wheelie bar as i recall from dads one it loved the wheelies as well as the kronos lol
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