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  1. Very nice just love the blue eyes 🥰
  2. Going by the state of the truck i guess you had fun Glad your tyres were ok ,i didnt think there would be probs with them
  3. Why not mate if you like em and they fill your needs then go for it
  4. What were you doing with it when it broke ?
  5. Very nice and looks a good trail spot
  6. No i didnt lol I used the above in both the trx4 and trx6 but the 1 that broke was the very short 1 i got from alli express so back to using the stock rearmost shaft in the 6 along with the above shafts
  7. We use these 1,s not had any probs yet mate https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/fastrax-trx-4-stainless-steel-front-rear-centre-shaft-long-chassis-425437 Wheelspin have them instock https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/298292/
  8. Yeh £50 more and you can get the rtr trx 4 landy
  9. Looks like your enjoying it and having good fun Seems bit strange the fans shedding blades tho
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