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What did you do to your model today?


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Quite a busy RC day for me..

got some cutting disks for my dremmel and finnally removed one of the over threadlocked bolts out of the engine of my Baja!

Fitted new spur gear, new TGN HT Lead, and an alloy plug protector to above mentioned Baja.

Cleaned some of the caked mud of my Savage/Baja thingy.

Fitted a new Servo to my Revo.

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LOL brad and i bent a cnc hn x2cr chassis :banghead:

yeah, and if it wasnt for me then you wouldnt have even realised...

How in gods name did you manage that lol

he sat on it for some unknown reason... na joke we were bashing hardcore in his field the other day(horrific i know) and its safe to say we both did a couple of nose dives, thats probably how he did it, but dude check your kit after each run, how can u not see a bent chassis lol :)

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well not today but Saturday I pulled apart both my savages- rebuilt one with the best bits from both- then the stuff left over (mostly blue nasty GPM stuff) I de-anodised and started to build my savage hot-rod project...about 6 hours work in all.


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