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  1. Sounds like it’s the chargers, I have a couple small lipo checkers in my tool box so I can double voltages of my packs
  2. For bashing nothing really beats the Hobbywing Ezrun Max series of ESC’s, cheap ish, reliable, high voltage bec, easy to program 👍
  3. Old habits, we used to have a very limited amount of storage for each member and mine run out, it’s been increased but I’ve never really got in the habit of using it 😂
  4. Forgot to say, I’ve fitted the servo along with a Vitavon servo saver and a EXB alloy servo saver axle thingy The speed of this one is in another league compared to the Power HD, it’s like having a super quick 35kg servo in a 1/8th Truggy 😂
  5. CRCU Titanium skid arrived Looking meh for a test run Sunday morning
  6. I’m in a Kev Talbot vid 😂

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    2. Stormbringer


      Woohoo you famous now mate :rofl:

    3. Yrkoon


      haha sweet 🙂

    4. froggy8


      holy rabies!!!! my mate is a celebrity!!! 😄 😄 

  7. This isnt a self balancing unicycle forum….



    🤣🤣🤣 🔨 

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    2. rccar4life


      i like this Balance rig

      i buy same, rebrand ( another name for only 12dollars before


    3. Yrkoon


      dang where will i go now for my unicycle needs 😞

    4. Tug


      Everything except the "comprende" bit. 

  8. I wasn’t happy with the Power HD servo, it’s too slow for my liking and seems underpowered, so picked up one of these……
  9. I wasn’t happy with the Power HD servo I bought for the K8$ EXB, so picked up one of these……
  10. Only used a few and in as new condition Im after £27 posted
  11. Will do, but I’ve just looked at the forecast and the weather is meant to be rubbish this weekend, I’m not running it in the wet first bash 😂
  12. They hold their money well, there a few rtr’s making £800 on eBay 😯
  13. Cheers, she’s now ready for a rip at the weekend 👍
  14. All seems fine, I’ve given it the full beans while holding it in the air, no issues apart from ungluing a front tyre 😂 I’m sure I plugged the connectors in properly, but I guess I was wrong, ive managed to replicate the fault again, so knowing what caused it, I’m now happy it won’t happen again 👍
  15. Lipos arrived Plugged them in the esc/servo started playing up, the servo was glitching and making the esc reboot, very strange because I had tested it all with 4 and 6s, I gave the throttle a bit of gas and one of the lipo connectors started smoking, it seems the power was going through the anti spark resistance side of the connector and not making full contact on the full power side, anyway after the smoke cleared I plugged it all back in and it now works perfect 🤣🤣🤣 I did read of something similar on the Arrma forum and they concluded the connectors can’t have been fully pushed home, I’m pretty sure they were in my case… Strange 😂
  16. My lipos arrived from the Global warehouse, they took about 17 days to arrive and they weren’t shipped in Jiffy bag luckily 😂
  17. £40 for one of you lovely Forum Members 👍
  18. Because I live in a rented flat and I’m not allowed to drill holes in the walls, i just put it somewhere convenient between a power socket and the telephone outlet…
  19. I had to double check the scales and they are spot on 😂
  20. It was a bit heavy
  21. Slight change to the build, I’ve just sold the Radical RC Bash bar and got one of these on the way instead 👍
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