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  1. Found the only picture I had of it Spent 3/4 years building it. Sold it when I passed my driving test aged 17, to buy a stereo system 😂 It never ran, it was built entirely of Gorilla Maxx, GA and Unlimited Engineering parts. I had a Plettenberg? Motor and 18 3300mah NIMHs. All it needed was the ESC
  2. Oh man, if only I had £190 spare right now: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275355482409?hash=item401c773929:g:jq0AAOSwgAViiQAR
  3. Id just add more Tamiya on Roads: Some more Porsche 934s and more Escort Cosworths Id also add a big Tamiya Truck, with the trailer and lights etc Id also track down and rebuild my EMaxx 3906 that had a lot of UE/Gorillamaxx parts
  4. I hated my Kraton EXB and said Id never buy another Arrma sooo
  5. So took this out again with the MIP rear driveshaft. First proper run. Some thoughts: This is hard to drive, anything slightly erratic on grass and youre on the roof. 6S is too much IMO, its impossible to drive fast. This is a £900 truck, if this was my only RC, performance wise, Id be incredibly annoyed I spent that much on one for this performance. I think this vehicle is location specific. If you live in the Nevada Desert, this would be an incredible RC, everywhere else? im not so sure. Maybe 4S is better? Traxxas even say dont bash it so what do you do? However, I didnt pay £900, and its not my only RC so lets give its a chance. It looks stunning and feels special. All of my RCs are on display on shelves. Every non RC person goes straight to this one and pushes the body down to see the realistic suspension flex. I decided to take it to somewhere smaller but more suitable terrain. Dust…. Its much more fun here. The steering is terrible at the moment (sloppy servo saver) so in a small area, took a few 20 point turns to get unstuck (although power drift works better). Sometimes youre better off steering by flooring it and spinning the rear. And Traxxas said no jumps but you know what…. As long as youre smooth (not like the above) she jumps very well. It looks so scale and cool in the air. Im starting to get this now, but you really do need this to be a luxury RC to compliment the rest of your RCs, combined with somewhere to run. Obviously I took it too far: and broke an A arm but that didnt stop me running, only noticed at the end
  6. Took the Beater Maxx out today. Was absolutely incredible. It needs a rebuild now, may try and convince my Mrs to Maxx V2 convert it, but we will see.
  7. Soo I took my Mrs Maxx out. Now most of my RCs are pristine. The second theres an issue, I go above and beyond, spending probably too much replacing parts. Even things like scuffed bumpers and skid plates get regularly changed. My Mrs, isnt bothered. I show her things to buy. She asks does she need it, I say not 100% yet so she says leave it then….. however I must admit. She is right at times. This Maxx was bought used. It was very cheap. Completely RTR with a 4S Lipo and Charger. Its got some amazing upgrades on, but its not mint condition. The diffs are noisy, the servo whines, theres excess play here and there. I took it out to “test” it. I end up doing some of my most hardcore bashing. I was gutted not to have it on video. I abused it hard. It took SERVERE hits. Id have definately got shouted at for using her RC like that. It got beat and bashed. It ended the day working fully. The transmission is louder than it was so somethings not right. But what an incredible rig. I dont think there is a truck on the market that wouldve took that if im honest… i need to use mine more Also used the UDR, ill update my thread with that….
  8. Nice early finish from work, so gonna take the UDR out whilst its (hopefully) quiet. Still not decided on it, so today will either end up with me selling it or modding it. Also gonna try the Maxx again this time on 4S. Recently shimmed the diff as it was slipping bad, but didnt replace a gear so it may be damaged. Initially it seemed cured on 3S so we will see
  9. Im 35 years old now. My friend had a brand new Tamiya TA-02 Repsol Cosworth kit all built up. My Mum n Dad couldnt afford to get me one but around a year later I was bought a used Tamiya M-01 Mini Cooper by my parents aged when I was aged around 6. It had a 1400mah nicad and a timer switch charger. It had an Acoms Techniplus 27mhz radio (yellow band). I used it so much the chassis worn through. A few years later I got a Tamiya TL-01 Colin McRae Ford Focus, probably around 99/2000 and then my Nan bought me an Emaxx 3906 for doing well enough at school SATs I guess? She lived in Devon. I then got a job, aged 15 at Sainsburys. This earnt me a fair amount of money for my age, I went all in with the previously mentioned Emaxx, going full Brushless UE SuperMaxx and buying a Nitro .21 Savage with my work Xmas bonus money. Since then its been my main hobby. Ive had a few periods with no RCs, but I think Ive had close to if not more than 150 models since then.
  10. Where abouts was this? Looks awesome
  11. I didnt break it, she did haha. Not entirely sure
  12. Yea Im just looking at upgrades but they all look similar but vary in price
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