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What did the postie bring you today?


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2 minutes ago, Stormbringer said:

Bad boy lol drunk buying is deadly :rofl:

I have always liked the look of them 8x8 Russian trucks, seen a green 1 on aliexpress the other day with a trailer for less than £400 and it was a kit, i was thinking perfect price is right, fancy doing a lengthy to build kit and it  looks good and added it to my basket, then layed my phone down and whilst at work the next day was thinking about all the pros and cons of it and had a another look as i was thinking over there was 1400 odd pieces and though thats as a strange thing to put then on closer inspection its a lego thing, I am so glad i didnt buy it. Dont get me wrong i have nothing against lego i built a few when i was a kit its just not what i was wanting!

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Lower rear shock mounts for my hard body build scx10. 

IMG_20240214_114317 IMG_20240214_121039

Nearly got this body to fit. The standard height shock mounts stick up to much. No doubt something else will need moving or modding and hopefully not buying anything else. 

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