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  1. Truck with electronics (but minus the Lipo), posted £220
  2. bump before ebay, open to offers.
  3. So.... so this is an 1/8th truggy... but made from plastic and cheap cast metal.... wow. With enough advertising you can sell anything.
  4. Selling my Proline MT 4x4, very nice truck, tough and handles very well. Can come as a roller or with whats shown. Comes with the upgraded alloy servo arm, 1 airbrushed shell thats never been run and a plain white shell that is used. Also has a custom wheelie bar. Roller - £200 posted With electronics - £300 Electronics are: Hobbywing SC8 Muchmore Fleta motor Hitec titanium gear servo Turnigy carbon 4s lipo
  5. Hi guys, Just to let you know as well as Clodbuster upgrades I have also designed a few Lunchbox parts recently . Due to the cheaper cost of the Lunchbox most of the "upgrade" parts available seem to reflect this lower quality (3d printed parts etc). I am only interested in producing our usual CNC'd carbon, delrin and machined aluminium upgrades to our usual very high standards. These parts, due to their high cost, are not for everyone, but they an option for those of you that want the best. More pictures, prices and descriptions are on my website UKMonsters.co.uk I also have a facebook page and sell on ebay. Pro Independent front suspension kit Alloy servo mount brace Adjustable carbon wheelie bar Alloy rear hubs
  6. I have a lot of parts made for my UKMonsters chassis and clod upgrades. If anyone would like a quote just message me and send me a cad file or DXF and I can give you a price to have it made, looking at a few weeks wait though as it will have to fit in with my orders. This is the sort of stuff I have cut.
  7. Thanks guys, I am making a carbon and now all alloy version of this chassis now.
  8. Hiya, yes both still available, pm me and i'll get your details.
  9. Thank you guys 🙂 making a run of 10 to start, let me know if anyone wants one, I only have 5 left.
  10. Hiya, this is a new chassis I have made for the clodbuster.
  11. You can buy toothed rack and gears form here: https://www.technobotsonline.com/gears-and-sprockets.html called gear racks, then the matching pitch gears.
  12. If your interested you can message me and I can do you a slightly cheaper price than I have them on ebay.
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