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  1. As far as I know, all three boats use the same coupler. They have different flex shafts but that will probably be in the lengths. So, in theory your coupler should be OK
  2. Nice to know that mate, been thinking of getting a dumborc combo for a while but it's that thing of ordering from China....Maybe I'll go for this instead πŸ˜€
  3. Nice one mate πŸ‘ Think it would be the xv-01 rally car for me to build first.
  4. Looks like a decent bit of kit but, I can't see these drag cars ever catching on in the UK! Certainly not my sort of thing but I may be wrong πŸ€”
  5. OK , but in the cases mentioned, it seems that it's a case of building by stealth. As l said, the site is owned by Younger homes who bought the site of a former hospital & are desperate to build new homes on it now ! Something doesn't smell quite right to me !!!!
  6. Totally agree with you about that mate. They started last spring felling our wood, calling it "phase 1" (right at the beginning of nesting). Replanting was supposed to happen late last year.....never happened!! Same again this year..(phase 2) it's really heartbreaking to see, Totally disgusting 😒
  7. In this country...where we're supposed to be planting more trees, all I see is the cutting down of them! Our Local wood is currently being demolished by Younger Homes on the "assumption" that it is diseased!
  8. Myself I use the Overlander RC6-VSR....decent price (although gone up in price since I got mine)... not had any problems with it and easy to use.
  9. Zeee power are good value. Also use Gens ace.
  10. TBH...I would love one of these myself but can't afford or justify the price...guess I'll just have to look at yours instead 🀣
  11. I know what you mean mate. I have 3 nitro trucks but haven't run them in ages πŸ˜• The thing is these days it's down to noise pollution/ antisocial thingy πŸ€” so, unless you have somewhere out of the way to run them....your stuffed! Unless you just say "stuff you" πŸ‘
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