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  1. I had one about 5 years and they are built like a tank and quality is 2nd to none. Yes they are more race orientated however nothing stopping you bashing one.
  2. The weves of carbonfibre not being the same direction is doing my OCD in 🤣
  3. Go down and see what everyone is running, no doubt someone will be selling something so you might find something that takes your fancy. Personally I'd go for associated however I'm biased 😂 Starting for scratch you can easily spend upwards of £1k however buying 2nd hand can reduce that massively and once your setup the running costs aren't that bad (tires and spares). You'll also need BRCA membership (insurance) however some clubs might let you go a few times before needing that.
  4. It's good for people who have the originals and keeps the prices from sky rocking as well.
  5. I'm normally search their name in the group and other related Facebook pages just to make sure they aren't known for being trouble. I've bought a few bits of Facebook and only one went wrong, a few weeks later he then joined here (admins aware) but he never really posted much.
  6. 2 sold, 11 remaining.
  7. Due to a supplier error I've ended up with 10+ box's of these screws. Each box contains 100 screws. All brand new, to keep shipping costs down I'll remove them from the box and put them in a little bag. I'm looking for £6.75 posted (these are £14+ on RS) If you buy two box's £11.25 posted, three box's £16.35. Payment via PayPal . Thanks Alex
  8. Are they the standard tamiya ones?
  9. I picked the £80 one up from Amazon, you get the ESC (I'll sell that), toque tuned motor and CVA shocks. Should be here in a week or so. For now I'll just stick a 1060 ESC in it and leave it pretty standard.
  10. I've been fancying one of these for a while, no idea why. Looks smart in that red.
  11. It's an odd size however I can print you some?
  12. See it as a challenge to fill it
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