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  1. I’d dismantle the axle and check the main gear diff, should be the only part that needs replacing. Quite likely this plastic part has chewed. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/ftx-mauler-front-and-rear-solid-axle-hub-422586 As seen here page 13: https://www.cmldistribution.co.uk/diagrams/FTX/FTX Mauler Manual.pdf
  2. Pop in 35 turn crawler motor in and see how you like it?
  3. I did the best job I could - which included painting the tailgate - then fresh scalped the exterior film and sprayed the exterior, perfection being on the outside. Now I’m trying my best to wear it all off 😉
  4. Do you think that shell would fit a TRX4…
  5. I’ve decided this is a basher not a crawler- it loves donuts more than I do 🤣 I might try drift wheels next 😉
  6. I dropped the pinion right down on my TT02 rally and stuck a 35T motor in - seemed to be my sweet spot. I found the Fastrax copy rally blocks were softer too and didn’t dig in as much as proper Tamiya ones. Still it looks great in that colour scheme 😎
  7. Its a capable thing, is it still running the stock electrics?
  8. Thing is I’ve geared this right down, 45 spur 9 pinion and lower back diff gear! Whats the hell is stock one like 😂
  9. TRX4 VERDICT: BONKERS! Thats on a brushed $15 21 turn Holmes motor - be terrifying on brushless!
  10. So I added the last of my stickers and took my new beauty queen TRX4 out…. …….and thrashed the knackers off it 🤣 Who needs a a basher?!?! It goes like a rocket in high gear, donuts and jumps pretty well! Needless to say it’s doesnt look like the top picture anymore 🤣 Its a bit worse for wear now 😂
  11. So masked painted, swore, cocked up, finished 🤬😂 All the black was sprayed internally and was a pain to mask up, hence the dark blue (PS16 @Subaru blue) to hide the less than perfect black masking. Very happy withe Vanquish front bumper, however another front bumper mount is in the post for fitting to the rear of the chassis to pull the Vanquish bumper inwards and upwards. As always I messed the tints up and for some reason the flat clear on the arches reacted? However as my wife pointed out “Its going to be scratched to high heaven by this time next week” 😂 There is one last trick… 2021 Broncos come “clip-less” so I thought I’d have a go. Fronts a bit reluctant to go in easy due to the location of the bolts, rear snaps in lovely. You need the 2021 Bronco arches and clips, (under £30 all in) and some bolts. I used shock spacers as spacers. I might need to add washers if the body pulls through, but its an experiment!
  12. Finished off the TRX4 shell - its a good 10 foot away - shame the matt clear reacted on the arches.
  13. Did some masking! It was a complete pain in the bum! Never mind it will all be worth it when I roll it down a hill onto some rocks 😁
  14. I love it when buggies are used like this 10/10 😎
  15. I’ve often wondered if a forced air scoop would be more more effective in cooling a motor?
  16. Fantastic job on the decals there 👍
  17. How long are they? Just intrigued .
  18. Went out on the trail and tried clay hill climbing with the tyres not really suited too it, then went fording to rinse the clay off… then it rained!
  19. These are much cheaper AND licensed.! https://magomhrc.com/en/tamiya-truck-sd/5405-mercedes-arocs-8x8-sd-truck.html
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