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  1. Traxxas (and tbh Arrma on some things) wont let you ship to the UK. My Traxxas “addiction” started with Tower Hobbies. At the time the dollar was weak to the pound, Traxxas stuff was already dirt cheap over there, and Tower always had coupon codes. I saved a fortune vs UK prices even with VAT/Customs. I reckon Royal Mail are striking right now because theyre not getting my weekly £12 ”Admin fees” from Tower Hobbies cause Traxxas stopped it all. If they had my £12 a week they could give the posties a well deserved raise. I jest but you know. In theory its a good thing. It makes me use UK shops. But maybe have a look at the pricing? Haha
  2. I know Im a big Traxxas fan but I just saw this….. a Traxxas Drag Slash. In the UK from Modelsport (who are selling at UK RRP. Same as every other UK shop). https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/traxxas-1967-chevrolet-c10-drag-slash-green-1340520 The deal in the US right now….. This is for TWO Drag Slash’s and the lighting system…. No words….
  3. Ive never been more into RC, I love buying and working on them, and coming on the forum etc. I check eBay/Facebook every day for new ones. However, I strangely have no desire to run or use them. I finished early today, could’ve took any of them out, as theyre all running, but Instead I cleaned and worked on one 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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    2. Kpowell911


      Just goes to show how everyone is different. Id rather build a Tekno kit than use it haha

    3. Shergar


      Im the apposite to you Jack too! The build is the enjoyment.

    4. Jack Reacher

      Jack Reacher

      @Shergar my next trail will be a kit and as a back up i have a kind chap lined up to do the chassis build ha ha, but i will more than likely do it myself

  4. Just sell up and get a used TRX4. Seriously lol!
    1. .AJ.


      What a terrible release 😂😂😂

    2. Alex97


      @.AJ. not as bad as the "new" bandit 🤣

  5. Looks in incredible condition However, arent these really weird where the high theyre geared the cooler they run? Im sure I read 39/39 will run cooler and better than 30/39? Sounds mad, but sure I read that, may have been @.AJ. or @mydoddy69 Or id had too many beers
  6. Im still waiting on bits and bobs BUT: She has a heart…. Ish I also picked up a pull starter, but dont have a 1 Way Bearing soooo left it off. Also threw in a throttle servo I had lying around.
  7. The new Porsche 992 GT3 RS is an absolute joke!

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    2. Ag100


      Ahh, clearly I misunderstood, as you were😂

    3. Kpowell911


      Its just absolutely insane. My friend has a 991 GT3 and I honestly cannot imagine any improvement is possible, yet here we are

    4. Ag100


      Yes, the fact in the press release they have to point out that it is “Road legal” shows how close to the edge it is!

  8. The bodyshell is a massive part of the budget, especially looking scale/being a Tamiya. Spec series style I think @Jack Reacher’s Strada idea has legs
  9. My only critique here is the TT02D Oil Filled shocks are maybe too short for rallying?
  10. Theyre all XL5 motors standard, they didnt do a brushless one. You could convert a Slash 4x4, the shells arent cheap mind
  11. Check eBay for the Traxxas Fiesta, theres a few ending soon. Ive just missed a nice one for £220
  12. Had to improvise with a keyboard stand. Im not allowed another set of shelving because apparantly the guest bedroom Is supposed to have a bed and furniture in? 🤔🙄
  13. This below video shows a nitro running for longer than I ever managed to get my first Savage to run for in years of ownership….
  14. Some 3.3 bits for the now not so roller Revo 3.3R
  15. So the 2.5R Runs Just need some open space to make Sure it runs ok. Ive spent $115 on Jennys for the 3.3R To go with this: Dont think Ill have everything but itll be close. Ive even ordered a brand new 3 channel RX/TX to run this one with reverse etc Im going to be missing a starter but we will see
  16. Ive ordered other parts for now so these are on the back burner. Jennys RC is just too cheap for stuff to not spend a fortune on 🙄🥲
  17. Hmm. 3x Pro’s for £40. Cant moan?
  18. I didnt get on with one as a steering servo in a Kraton EXB, I gave it away as you did. Im thinking it may be ok in a seldom used revo?
  19. Im after 3x metal gear servos for 2x Revos. I need 2x Steering and 1x Throttle. They dont need to be waterproof or anything fancy, just better than RTR stuff. Any recommendations? Are any of the Amazon Prime ones any good? Dont really wanna pay much, around £20 each I guess? Thanks
  20. Nothing special, just after 3x cheapish metal gear servos. 15-20kg torque for nitro steering/throttle. Dont even need to be waterproof Thanks
  21. You can tell Ive been spending too much on RCs lately….  I’m working a Saturday tomorrow!!

    1. Stormbringer


      What ya buying with that then ???   :rofl:

    2. Kpowell911


      Lovely. Was done for 10:30am and I book the day! 💪🏻💪🏻

    3. Stormbringer


      Thats the Saturday shifts i used to like :good:

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