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  1. froggy8

    HPI WR8

    i didnt expect that price 😄
  2. froggy8

    HPI WR8

    is it this one: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hpi-wr8-flux-2001-wrc-subaru-impreza-1342253
  3. froggy8

    HPI WR8

    i really do like how that handles mate 👍 i dont know why but everytime i see this car, i keep thinking it breaks very easily but it doesnt.
  4. with me, i tend to put a bigger engine in and put a bigger clutchbell to make it faster than the 21 engine but the 21 engine is not slow though.
  5. if it was from a t rex, it would be enough for few 1.1 cars 😄
  6. oh you need to charge it at 0.1a
  7. thats great! another thing that i did too is charge it above 3v each cell then put it back to lipo charge.
  8. have a look on youtube as that helped me out when i had a problem with one of my lipos. i just cant fully remember the details. i think when you put it on nicd charge mode, you dont use the balance lead.
  9. i would say that is bit on the low side. have you tried charging using nicd mode?
  10. i am curious though, what voltage readings are you getting?
  11. i would say better buying batteries if it is your batteries. your charger is quite decent.
  12. Never heard or seen these before. looks heavy duty though.
  13. anyone ever claimed on insurance for cracked windscreen? got back from shopping yesterday and just noticed a crack. i was thinking about making a claim as it doesnt affect my policy. what do you guys think i should do?

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    2. froggy8


      my mot is not due anytime soon. so im good for awhile yet.

      i have now sorted it out with my insurance and a guy will come to my house on the 10th and replacing it.

      fingers crossed  that the nail varnish has worked for now.

    3. MrCake


      The insurance side is the easy bit.  I have had a couple of the years but you do get quite a lot of stories of people getting non  OEM screens of perhaps a lesser quality.  Really modern cars can also be a pain if they have multiple cameras/systems etc and bizarrely some even have to go back to a dealership for calibration if you swap the screen!


      My last one the guy was really good but didn't put one of the wipers back quite right which I didn't realise until a few weeks later when I had to use them.


      Obviously your screen need replacing, but I would just check everything over if you have auto lights/wipers or any camera systems to make sure all is ok before they disappear. 

    4. froggy8


      thank you

      i will try remember that.

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