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  1. after the main parts of a g320 or more. For a project, any condition considered.
  2. Would you not just buy a lesu at that point? Also you could say that about anything, that rc truck is a bargain compared the real thing, right? 😉
  3. Three thousand, six hundred and ninety nine dollars, ninety nine cents. What the actual? for an Rc truck? I always comment on these mental trucks when they release them on instagram, usually something snarky. This time i asked "whats the target market?" and they liked my comment lol. A joke, very cool trucks but the price is off the chain
  4. Always wanted one. Anyone got one they would let go?
  5. This looks sick, excited to see it done guys
  6. Afternoon all. Managed to get a bit done on the vaterra this bank holiday. The body is now stickered and painted, as well as having a drop bed installed. Tonnes of scale details here, big appreciation for carisma after seeing that. Each part definitely has some moulding errors but they arent really noticeable. It will be nice to get some pictures of this in the sun when its finished. Im working out a magnetic mounting system for the body currently. The rear suspension was changed from cantilever to normal style with some bits i had spare. It feels a lot better and flexes a lot easier, only 10-15mm of travel mind. Thanks for reading
  7. I owned a nitro carnage for a while which was good fun, reliable and cheap (£40 second hand). Id always suggest a savage but considering they are like £500 plus right now thats out of the question. 1/8th nitro buggies dominate in reliability and durability so i dont know if a hyper of some sort would interest you.
  8. pit bull rock beast in 1.9 with CI foams, supposed to be the best there is. Ive got a set of 1.55 rock beast and they are super super grippy. Had a set of 1.55 growlers too which were also great. Depends what diameter you need, ive always wanted a set of those ottsix KLRs but they are too huge
  9. Its been a while but there have been some developments with this truck. I did end up finishing up the bronco, over painting the body and the cage but i still wasnt happy with it. I got it semi finished and then took it on holiday with me to cornwall for some beach running and actual rock crawling which was very fun but i had a few problems. Before i left i installed a hpi firebolt 15t motor to give me more wheel speed for the sand. A test run in the garden before leaving showed me that the 18500 cells i wanted to use for power couldnt supply enough amperage to the esc/motor and it goes into a sort of limp mode; so i took a pair of small 3s lipos. The 15t motor was below the limit for 3s operation, resulting in a burned motor on day two of running. I got about 3 hours of run time out of it, but the 15 turn wasnt much good at rock crawling anyway. It now has a 20 turn kamtec satan motor, which feels good to me. I managed to get some pretty photos while i was there, and also a half hour video of me rambling/running the truck around with on board. Was good fun, but it still did not look right, and also didnt perform right. The cage being copper microbore adds a lot of weight to the top of an otherwise light truck, so it was very tippy. It would also end over end fairly easily due to being front motored and having no weight on the rear. It was great at dune blasting though. Reminded me of those old tamiya promotional videos. When i got back, i decided to convert the truck again, order a new bodyshell (again) and try something new. Ive always liked the ford 150 series of pickup trucks, but i think the '76 is my favourite. So a carisma ford f150 body shell was ordered, a long with dropped bed and some other components to give me a more scale ride. Smallest image possible but you get the idea. Thinning the vaterra ascender axles is actually super easy. As im sure most know, they are designed to be easily modified. I love this, who else designs their trucks for makers? I originally trimmed them by 6mm per side, which is the maximum you can do without cutting the axle shafts themselves. I had to think pretty carefully, as none of these parts have been made for years and years now. Chopping rare bits is nervous but we got there, the axles now finish at 160mm pin to pin, or 16mm per side shorter than stock. Looked really thin with those big rock beasts on there. So i went for some RC4WD mickey thompson baja mtz. At 84mm diameter these are the smallest tyres the vaterra has ever had. Although around the garden they crawl really really well. I think its the super sticky compound that does it. Never had anything by carisma before so i am very impressed with this bodyshell. Insane details and moulded components. The lexan moulds have flaws in every part, there will be a bit of making good there for sure. But this is fine. By the way, the truck will be painted tamiya pearl white. No idea how to rotate photos here so appologies. The truck was lengthened to "wheelbase 4" which came out at 313mm. I ordered the 324mm body, so i had to add some spacers to the links i made. The links are m3 threaded rod, with 5mm stainless tubing on the top as a sheath. I think they will slide rather than grab, which is an issue i had with the aluminium ones. I also had to make a new shaft for the gcm transfer case because the mip driveshafts arent long enough for 324mm wheelbase. The steering seems to work much better now with a tighter radius, the links are stiffer and the truck handles better. I cant wait to get the body sorted out. Will update when i can, Thanks for reading. NB.
  10. Going more of a scale route, anyone got anything around 80-90mm?
  11. any of the traxxas 2wd will do exactly what you want. The mad bull is a little "different" to normal rcs. When it was designed the standards of control and durability were a lot lower, its a different kettle of fish than the likes of arrma/traxxas. I owned a mad bull for a while, its neat, but not exactly what youre after. Check this for JANG's views on the mad bull
  12. Welcome! I second Nicks words, this thing is badass.
  13. As title, anyone got one?
  14. Rest in peace loops rc. One of the coolest scale parts makers imo

    1. toyolien


      What happened to them?

    2. Ninetiesbeard


      Theyve stopped trading, seems like the owner suddenly closed up looking at what their facebook said

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