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Something of a return...


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1 hour ago, .AJ. said:

Welcome back mate 👍 


40 minutes ago, Kpowell911 said:

Welcome back mate


Cheers guys! 2 of the names I recognise from before! 


RC world doesn't look like it's moved on too much in my absence, a few new brands have popped up and imagine a few have disappeared too. Short Course trucks were the top dog when i was still about but now seems like people seem to have Arma everything?

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19 minutes ago, 53HRA said:

I remember you - The old MSUK chat days till silly o’clock bring back memories :lol: 


Welcome back 😄 

I'm sure you don't miss all of us offering £5 for anything you had for sale?!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Should have been racing the XB2 today, unfortunately the meeting was called due to a clash with a regional round apparently.


Had done a couple of bits in prep for the race day.


First off was wiring up a 'spare' esc. The Xerun v1.2 that i'm currently running seems to work really well, I'm just nervous about how well a probably 12+ year old ESC Is going to hold up long term. It's also not got a lot of the modern features that are common on Race ESCs nowadays, which isn't much of an issue currently as I'm getting back into the swing of things, but I'd like to have the boost/turbo features available at some point. I have another older Hobbywing Xtreme Stock ESC that was in my TC that I had a lipo fire in. Case is a little bit bubbled in one place, but it seems to work okay. 



I think I need to get some different solder, I bought some from amazon a while back that was fine for smaller wire but on the larger wire I've used here I really struggled to get it flowing consistently, even with my 80w equivalent gas soldering iron. Joints seem solid on them and hidden them as best I can with heat shrink.


Next job was to fit a chassis protector. It looks like it has never had one before and it definitely picked up a few scratches on the one meeting i've done with it so far, so I thought I'd put one on to stop it getting worse. Before and after..IMG_20220812_191520.thumb.jpg.711a711fda15e7f984c6d3315fe73365.jpgIMG_20220812_191813.thumb.jpg.19a0a7dfe991549d8bda28b44bc448a4.jpg


A bit confusing that the servo bolt holes don't line up correctly, There's no difference in servo positions on the 20, 21 and 22 spec cars so It should fit. For £5 though, I'm not too fussed, Should help stop it getting too much more beat up. I've also got a set of stainless fasteners that I'm slowly replacing as I remove the old ones for other work, so it's a bit mismatched atm.



I've also had some mounted Ballistic Buggy Green rears delivered for the pit box for if it rains again at a meeting, apparently they're the go-to tyre for wet racing on grass.

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