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  1. Anyone interested in cars, This is whatt a friend of mine built on his driveway




    Also build vids here




    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Tug



    3. GMballistic


      That is awesome. I am a big petrolhead/car lover so things like this really get me interested. 
      Came across as a lovely bloke too. Very impressive quality build. 

    4. Bajadre


      thats awesome rover bet thats fun to drive cant beat the metros was my first car haha

  2. Just had tomorrows job cancel so may go for a ride over
  3. Its all @.AJ. 's fault lol
  4. You and your idea's. Just bought a set of grey walnut grips for a gun i dont own lol
  5. I keep lookin on Solware site has i have a 50 quid voucher. But looks like i wont get out the place for less than a grand lol . Quite fancy one of these..........https://solware.co.uk/air-pistol-accessories/air-pistols/artemis-pp750-multishot-pcp-air-pistol So that with a decent red dot, moderator and a bottle will soon mount up lol
  6. Just won a 50 quid shop voucher, only issue is i know if i go to the shop it'll cost me a grand lol 


    1. Alex97


      £950 with the voucher 

    2. Tug


      But you save fifty quid! It's a win!

    3. Stormbringer


      Roflmao :rofl:

      Congrats on winning voucher :insane:

  7. You can always pm one of us to close a sales thread for you
  8. Just to point out. as per the rules please dont edit sales threads. If you need to add/change info please add it in a post to the thread. Thanks Dave
  9. Seems a shame they went to so much trouble to make the shell so good then ruin it with the wheels and body hight
  10. Looks great sat there with the Bren 👍
  11. Looks like a BSA Standard ???
  12. Hey guys, sorry ive not been around much but ive been looking after my mother. At 82 she had to have her leg amputated so ive been helping her get back on her feet so to speak. Hit a milestone this week as she managed to get out in the garden for the first time since operation. Its been a tough road but were getting there one step at a time lol 



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    2. froggy8


      really sorry about her leg RM 😞 


      but glad she is moving about though 🙂 


      best wishes.

    3. PraetoR


      Yes, all the best to you and your mum.

    4. Yrkoon


      so sorry to hear that 😞


      wishing my best to both of you.

  13. Needs some weight on it, 2 model off road bikes would look great
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