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  1. I keep playing this as it's a very mellow/up beat song.
  2. He did indeed. Was good seeing him run that Maverick truck as well, ...very cool looking thing and pretty impressive how well it ran.
  3. I chatted to Nick a fair bit over the two days I was there. Really nice guy. Little video here of my runs.
  4. Another random picture from my weekend away.
  5. Just thought I'd share my result from ROSSA Speed Championships UK Round 1 ~ My Typhon shattered it's spur gear on the first pass so instead of wasting a lot of time on that I purely concentrated on my Limitless. Glad I did as I just got faster and faster all weekend. 
    New PB of 150mph odd. :topbanana:

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    2. Yrkoon


      that is a mental speed, gratz bud 🙂

    3. GMballistic


      Video here for anyone interested: 


    4. Stormbringer


      Nice 1 mate i am well impressed :good:

  6. I "liked" your post @Redback because although it didn't go well for you with the Banzai it'll be great seeing the little man having fun with it & hopefully getting his own cap. Best of luck to him.
  7. Not totally giving up on the drag runs just needed a cash injection so decided to let the Infraction go ~ keeping my motor/ESC/spool set up so I can fit in a future build. Putting the Scorched Parts spool actually into the Limitless I have after I've been to the first ROSSA event as the Scorched one is better than the Arrma one in it now. Ultimately I can still use my Limitless and Typhon speed runners for drag runs just means playing with the gears/set up a little before I do so.
  8. Cheers. Be hopefully doing it with the Limitless. 😀
  9. Decided to part ways with this so I can get a cash injection for other things so selling my Infraction V2 as an ARTR on eBay. You'll need a set of tyres, motor/ESC combo and battery/charger to be up & running. Cheaper than a Limitless to buy like that too and with the better diff gears. Hope some of you bid if interested. 😉 Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325218215873 Note: my drag build thread has lots of pictures of this truck but please note some items have been removed so please look at the eBay pictures as they form part of the description of what you will receive if you're the winning bidder.
  10. Yep all done over 132ft. 😉 Thanks @Stormbringer and @BashingBrian for the good luck wishes. ROSSA is going to be probably the busiest yet going from the number of attendees. I'm running my Typhon and Limitless and hoping to beat my own PB's so nothing WR beating like some of the guys but it's always fun seeing everyone, watching the cars & generally just using the speed run RC's as they were built for.
  11. Sorry should of said, ....that is me in second place. Hence the GM in "GMballistic", ...it's my initials. 😉 I'm running 6S with my Infraction but my speed run Limitless is running 8S so I am curious to see how that would do. No way I am risking it though being this close to the first ROSSA Speed Run Championship of 2022. Only 2 weeks a way now so that's my focus.
  12. It's getting very expensive ~ honestly I think I might just take a break, concentrate on my speed runners as I have an event in 2 weeks to go to and then think about how to approach it afterwards. We are no where near what the Americans are doing as well as some other countries. Seen lots of sub 2 second times for the 132ft using 1/7th scale Arrma's. Doesn't mean we are doing that bad though just nothing world record beating. Here is the UK Facebook leader board: #1 James Rc Dnb, Arrma limitless 6s, 2.18s #2 Gareth Monk arrma infraction 6s, 2.31s #3 Phil Calvert, arrma limitless 8s, 2.45s #4 Matt Willis, Arrma Typhon 4s, 2.65s #5 Paul Baker, Arrma Infraction 6s, 2.65s #6 Jas Sin, Arrma Felony 6s, 2.71s #7 Ben Davies arrma typhon 6s, 3.00s
  13. Today was a mixed bag, ...lot's of fun doing the drag runs but another set of tyres wrecked and a slide into a curb put a downer on it all. That's racing I guess. Just not sure if I'm going to keep doing the drag runs as cannot afford to keep buying tyres this often at over £50 a set. New PB, ....and all the "eleven's" I left in the car park. Todays damage: 1 wheel hex rounded, 3 tyres with chunks missing, XLX2 on/off switch broken, battery damaged (still useable), lots of scrapes and a damaged wheel hex. Another wheel FUBAR thanks to a damaged wheel hex.
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