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  1. Or just buy this: https://uk.banggood.com/RGT-EX86190-1-or-10-2_4G-4WD-RC-Car-LC76-RESCUER-Vehicles-Off-Road-Truck-Rock-Crawler-Toys-Models-Without-Battery-p-1931852.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=6287830&rmmds=search
  2. I have always liked Maserati cars. A slightly eccentric choice I suppose but very rare and exclusive. If the real one is rarely seen then a RC scale model is even less common. But here it is, a scale-realistic 1:14 version of the Maserati Levante SUV. Okay, I know it is just a toy but if you want a nice display model that also doubles up as an ocassional RC car, it is an affordable choice. The product is fully licensed and therefore carries authentic Maserati badges and logos. It has some great detailing on the exterior and that continues on the interior too. To see it in close-up detail, please click on the video link below. In the video I also conduct on-road and a bit of off-road testing to demonstrate its capabilities. BlackSeaRC
  3. I know there are understandably a lot of comments about the bed not tilting. Yes, it would have been nice but also rather pricey to implement as standard. Maybe later there will be an upgrade kit. However, for a truck like this I would have at least liked to have seen a moulded grille rather than a flat decal. That surely would have been fairly easy to do. As for some of the window decals that have been appearing on some models recently...
  4. I bet not many of you have even seen or heard of this rare 1:18 scale rock crawler, the Partner Racing QX-4. It is designed in the style of a buggy that might compete in the Icelandic Formula Offroad series but it also shares many styling similarities with the larger Axial Wraith. It is a hobby grade machine with some interesting features that make it a fairly good performer for its compact size (it certainly easily out-performs my ROC Hobby Katana). See how it handles this rocky mountain trail in the new video from BlackSeaRC below: BlackSeaRC
  5. Let's hope they have a hidden body mounting system and not spoil it with body posts and R-clips.
  6. Lesu is one alternative. Another option is Cross-RC. I suppose it depends upon exactly what type of truck you want. A lot of buyers are actually haulage companies who have the real full size vehicles and they want a model for their boardroom.
  7. That's a bargain compared with some of the ScaleART trucks! Plus, even some of the Tamiya trucks that come in kit form are close to 1000 GBP once you've bought all the electronics for them and they are certainly not anything like the spec of these JDM trucks.
  8. Behind the cab is the additional equipment for a heavy haulage spec truck including additional fuel tank, air tanks, hydraulic tank, additional radiator and cooling package, winches and spare wheel carriers.
  9. It is certainly something a bit different...but I feel it desperately needs some inner wheel arches and something to stop that huge slab of plastic on the side wobbling about as it drives.
  10. It does look great and Kyosho has produced a lot of interesting bodies in 1:10 scale recently, BUT...if it can do hidden body mounts for the Mini-Z series, why does it continue with antiquated body posts and R-clips on these great bodies?
  11. I like it! I think the Traxxas UDR is a slightly different type of vehicle so this is a nice alternative. The proportions are unusual but this is in keeping with the real vehicle on which this model is based. It will be interesting to see the UK price. I have a Losi XXX-SCB in my collection and was not particularly wowed by either the performance or the quality. I might consider buying one though if the price is right.
  12. The FeiYue FY-03H Desert Eagle is not a name that everyone is familiar with but if you are looking for an entry level 4WD brushless buggy with hobby grade electronics and decent performance, then it is well worth considering. In this new video, I look at ideas for customising this buggy to improve the scale realism. All the parts are relatively inexpensive but help to make this budget buggy more interesting.
  13. That is what KLM states but you need to check the restrictions on your specific airline. By the way, I was actually planning to take the RC car to the airport prior to flying and specifically ask them. Even then it is still a risk because no matter what the rules say, you only have to get one awkward person at the security check to say no and you are stuck. My worry is that, in my experience at airports, some of those people who work there love to say no just to make their day more interesting.
  14. I'm sure a transmitter would be okay. It is not mentioned as a prohibited item onboard an aircraft. It does specifically mention RC vehicles but the guidance says they should not be used onboard as they could interfere with the aircraft systems. This specifically implies that RC vehicles are allowed. Shock oil is a difficult one. If in a bottle, the situation is covered by the liquids rule. If enclosed within a shock absorber assembly, not sure, but the quantity of liquid is very low and it is not easily accessible so probably okay.
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