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  1. Seriously good thread guys this has inspired me to convert my Colt now
  2. I am using these on my 7 and they are really good for
  3. Afternoon all Anyone done or is doing one of these yet ? I got my Colt yesterday and have just ordered all the gear needed for the conversion this afternoon aiming to start this over the next week Would be interested to share knowledge and findings with those who have or are considering doing
  4. Really sorry about the delay have had health issues which kept me away from forums and the tracks I did give the car a run on Wednesday and all i can say is wow this thing is a different kind of fast. The grip on minipins is immense compared to the B4 and you can keep the power on nearly everywhere, it jumps nice and balanced out of the box which was a surprise and took a couple of high speed grip rolls with ease nothing even remotely close to breakages. I am only the second person to have one at my track the first being an Associated sponsored racer who had his earlier and he has put nearly 100 packs through his and everything is stock and original. I am hoping now to get some more time over the next fortnight for another couple of runs and report back. And run time on 5100mah saddles is over 20 mins with stone cold motor on 23t pinion. The only change I made was ride height over stock it now sites about 15mm from the ground about half the height suggested. This virtually eliminated the grip roll When they finally come back in stock in the UK and you are considering a 2wd buggy this is the one to get right now nothing comes close
  5. WAR!!!!!!!!! NEVER BEEN SO MUCH FUN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe5hLhHXo6g

    1. wangerman69
    2. oodboo


      Classic game, I wish they'd rerelease it on the iPad.

    3. Nitroholic


      hmm...I'm thinking ring tone here :)

  6. I am running 14t on 2100kv does get warm but not hot
  7. Want it want it want it Think my b5 is about to get expensive
  8. Wanting this for a pro shell paint job very nice looking for a cab forward
  9. All that's left now really other than sourcing some spares is a run. hopefully will do that later this week at Herts if I can sneak an afternoon. Will give you a report and try and take a video of the run.
  10. Here's my newest member Associated B5M
  11. Depends where you want to run. For dirt I prerfer Pro line Concepts or Bow Ties or Crosshairs. Failing that AKA Citibloc's
  12. Body shell all painted. Just a quickie job as I will have a pro painted one once stock arrives And with the rest of the fleet. B4 is missing as in pieces until i can put her back together and sell her
  13. Just a bit of a quickie between paint coats Have been tidying up the electrics. This requires a fair bit of planning actually as car is so narrow. On the B4 you could run the wires where you please and tie them in place, I can't do this here as need to keep getting the saddle packs in and out From this To this Granted not a huge difference but looks a lot better
  14. And a damn good one The weekend after should be free though and it would be great to meet up with you guys
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