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  1. The update: - Scammer-san from foreign land tried to sell me some drive cups by paypal gift only, unfortunately he's no longer responding to me so no new drive cups for me. - I got some sponsorship from CastleGENT Builders Limited and Neil Milliken Watches, yay new sticker time. - Daughter likes lady bugs/ladybirds (which is the correct term?), so a ladybirdbug sticker. - First run the drive shaft broke so two new sets from AliX, they're doing fine! - I blew the motor because it was so fun testing it that pushing it till magic smoke comes from motor and can discoloured due to heat is apparently what I did. - New 3674 2500kv motor and WP-SC8 ESC due to be slapped in. All business up top: Party at the back: Tokyo drift stance: Lady bug bird: VIdeo: VID-20220610-WA0009_01.mp4
  2. Lol we saw a female cat outside and were genuinely confused if it was an adult or a kitten. Tobi is that much bigger than the average moggy cat. Though Tobi isn't an American MC, russian bloodline. I did want to call him Vladimir Pawtine, but glad I didn't given what's going on in the world!
  3. @steephill stunning, absolutely gorgeous. I love Rottweiler's, fond memories of our neighbour's Rotttie, he was a big loud boy and a toddler version of me would grab his face, pet him and he didn't mind at all. Really miss Oscar! @Stormbringer - you can expect your recent additions to get big! Rag dolls get huge mate 😁 Our Maine Coon, Tobi whose recently grown again, he's 2.5 years old now. Apparently they continue to grow up till 4 years of age.
  4. Hi, If anyone has a set of losi center diff drive output cups to sell please let me know. They're for a rally-x but other ten parts appear to fit. Other ten parts considered too if you have them. Thanks.
  5. Whose this troll the mods allowed to join?!? Hey mate, didn't even know you were a member on here 😁 Ps he's a good egg mods and has a lot to say for my collection of RCs at this point πŸ˜‰
  6. I bought a tatty 10bl120 a while back. I decided to open it and water proof the boards as much as I can. I found signs of water ingress/salt so used a bicarb bath to neutralise corrosion, then into a dehydrator and sealed with wife's nail top coat. Also replaced the puny caps with the ones I built for Big 8ight... And it turns on 😁
  7. Any recommendations on diff oils? Want this thing to handle well and slide rather than go straight/speedster.
  8. Hey I'm all for big antenna tube, for me it puts the bug into buggy! Until you land it upside down on a track and it eventually snaps off πŸ˜”
  9. What a journey bud - I'm with @Kpowell911on this they look bloody awesome, but a part of me wonders if they're literally designed to be "functional" shelf items. Whatever is going on you appear to be having fun so seems like a really good buy for you πŸ™‚
  10. @Yrkoon - 10th scale bud, AWD. @Redback - I'm going to focus on balance of power to handling this time round, 2-3S, 16T, Speed Passion 7.5T brushless sensored motor, Hobbywing 10bl120 sensored. Considering even looking into scte shell, cage and body posts to have a two in one πŸ€” will need to look into it.
  11. Hi, Our daughter has interest in RC and while we had put aside a Losi Mini-8 for her, reality set in that it's too small and moves at pace. The time has come to peak her interest and we needed something a bit bigger but not crazily fast. We went back to the drawing board and found Modelsport had Midnight Pumpkins on sale at Β£135. We bought one, for our friend's son and then my wife suggested we buy another. I want to peak interest with a car my daughter can use her self in time, the journey to that road will have to be supervised though when she's ready she'll have a cool rally car to use πŸ™‚ The goals for this build: - Clean and refresh it - Run a very controllable and reliable setup that has the ability to limit throttle etc - Build it with daughters limited input and just enjoy spending time with my family and a hobby I enjoy, together - Custom LED build - May be another shell/stance @Ant.p & @245jhy diversifing their fleet had 0 impact or influence on me... πŸ˜‰ Enough waffling, here's the starting point:
  12. Hi all, Just after a used motor, let me know if you got anything, cheers.
  13. Life got busy, so no RC stuff for a bit...Came back into the hobby yesterday and thanks to @Yrkoon, not one, but another two cars have been purchased. Opps!Β 

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    2. Bert_w164


      How's mini T coming along? I am deeply saddened to report no one donated to your gofundme.Β 

    3. froggy8


      i was going through google the other day and saw this fundme page for some 3s lipos if i am right, well i put Β£50 towards it. did it not show up?

    4. Stormbringer


      Yep i got 2x3s lipos mate thxΒ :cheers:

  14. Ah okay, unfortunately I have no use for a 36xx motor and have too many spare motors as it is. That's a shame, good luck with the sale.
  15. What's the other esc you have? I couldn't find it in the for sale section...I'm after a 4S sensored ESC.
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