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What did you do to your model today?


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3 hours ago, Kpowell911 said:

Loaded up my new Tamiya Bag, actually made by Carson, but was only £24 and its huge!




The Egress is awaiting a servo but at least it made it out the house





Really like that BBX (Egress looks good too), Tamiya are really good at evoking the Retro nostalgia.

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1 hour ago, Stormbringer said:

that will fairly pop when you back it with the silver :good:

Guess what I’ve just done! Silver then gunmetal over the top. Peel off the masking tomorrow, I intend to tint the windows and cut the black bits out the all over one piece glass decals…. I might change my mind yet!

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3 hours ago, MrCake said:

A double RC day with the old man.  A buggy session first followed by a woodland walk/crawl.  Got to take advantage of the unusually dry warm weather while it lasts!


Really impressed with how the Rlaarlo ran and drove.



Lucky you...been warm here today but blowing a gale and chucked it down most of the day ! Maybe tomorrow 🤞

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Not what I did to my model, it's what I did for it. A while ago I was given a flysky gt3c tx that the steering control was not self returning on. After a you tube search I stripped it down, made a new return spring out of an old pen spring, reassembled it, bound it to a spare Rx I had, and it works perfectly, result,👍👍

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