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  1. Those cups look nice, ive noticed the center ones need replacing every few runs it seems. I also found we have twisted some drive shafts 25% atleast are there stronger ones? The stock diffs are super strong, just did 70mph with the savage at a recent speed run event on stock motor too. Seems the power is to much for the drive cups out the transmission as they are eaten, along with 6 shattered grub screws, shearing the pin on it seems common.
  2. He did awesome for his first time at ROSSA and to go away with 2 hats is something else, well done to him! Was good to see you again mate and see your car run, shame about your typhon but least you was able to commit the limitless and smash those pbs! Was most impressed from the 69mph from the lads little savage xs.
  3. ROSSA attempt 3 results. Couple of test passes got about 60mph on 3s. Didnt manage to test 6s or 4s as crashed it on the waiting line lol. Not sure how the shock tower got taken out, Shock bent the front driveshaft too. Going to upgrade the tower to carbon fiber. Side skirts shattered, proto types none the less, thinking carbon fiber next time do it properly. Front splitter vaporised, needs carbon fiber i think next time. Overall very light damage and cheap to repair got off lucky really. First ever trophy...thanks little car well done!
  4. Yes it can, put a low kv sensored brushless system in it, and or do a transmission swap. You can check out my Outlaw Crawler thread for the info. Not ideal as it will just melt, the gearing for the truck is to high for crawling on any brushed motor, i used cordless drill motors and they still melted.
  5. Cheers chaps, it had a good run and its in safe hands, had a mess about with it before the crash and it wasn't working 100% over geared but still did some 60mph passes on 3s, awaiting the results. Going to fix the issues, maybe pick up some carbon-fiber sheet to replace the 3d printed parts. Also no footage from the event as my phone has died... There has to be some changes kept as the sensored system that was used prior, is going in the savage xs if i can find the right gearing for it. She will run again perhaps in aug...
  6. ROSSA attempt 3 for the Banzai! Was hoping for 125mp and got 0mph as it drove off by itself as i set the failsafe to 50% breaking.... but on the banzai its reverse rotation on the motor for some reason, thus 50% throttle right into the grass bank. RIP Bent drive shaft, smashed shock tower, 3d printed parts vaporized, smoke poring out of something, new tires shot to bits. Really gutted it didnt get to run, with so much effort put into prep, but thats how it works live and learn. Use the memory function in the remote to ensure your failsafe is failsafe for the car your running and not a safe FAIL.... Decided i wont run it again... i'll put the 108mph gearing back in and its now handed down to little redback to send it and get his first hat as he did outstanding at the event.
  7. They are potted in so hard to fix, check were the wire comes out as its pretty tight around that area, maybe one of the wires is damaged and you can tap in some soldier to fix the broken connection.
  8. RW Racing pinions, havent had one fail, that being said, if the tooths breaking off the pinion, atleast its a cheap failure point, the next thing that would go would be the diffs, so maybe easy up on the breaking when ending your speed run.
  9. Shame wont see the dragfraction leaving fat 11's down the runway! Glad you had the fun with it, who ever gets it is getting a solid buy!
  10. 2 Weeks till ROSSA Rd1, know a few msuk'ers will be there! @Nick too? Time to begin packing and prepping, picked up a 2nd charger so can charge two 4s at once, new power unit too, should give better more stable current for the charger thus better juice! Cant wait to see ya all again!
  11. Put 4s into the savage xs and it ran well, till i hit a curb and to say the lad wasnt impressed is an understatement 🤨 Luckly hpi spares are in stock 🤯
  12. Will you do this as a roller? If so what price, Thank you.
  13. y'all are NUTS! Looks great jack, glad you went with black, suits it better than the chrome ones imo, let us know how it rolls, should help a bit with performance. What weight were the wheels?
  14. Superb driving and skills, the difference between some one doing it as a passion vs some one doing it for youtube views! Is this right there... I hope he runs some traps and sets the world record some healthy competition for razz too, only a handful in the world are 200mph in... can you believe the cars can handle this much power? When converted back to real world the numbers are off the charts.
  15. The solid axle Element Enduro Sendero if your set on element with hd gear set and a bit of brass. Gatekeeper is a bit top heavy.
  16. Small wheels and ifs thats not a performer (rock crawling) but looks and drives nice, its a trail truck, so does just fine on the light stuff. Needs some bowhouse parts for the ifs to get it working right, they also no longer make the ifs kit, so spares will dwindle long term. Diffs are the weak point, but they do heavy duty ones. If you print the knightcustoms low profile ifs, bowhouse parts will not function.
  17. The center transfer case a 3 gear? do both shafts not dive in the same direction from the transfer case?
  18. Dmed, will trade for a motor. Thanks mate.
  19. Corrosion x on the rx and you can submarine it all day.
  20. It really looked nice with the metal beadlocks too imo. It's an ftx banzai drift car, great value for its price.
  21. What esc smoked was it a surpass or something? Cant go wrong with hobbywing for reliabilty and being really hard to kill. 1st choice hobbywing ezrun max 10 sct 120amp - 760amp burst. 2 - 4s might be too big for the small car but stonking amounts of power. 2nd choice hobbywing ezrun max 10 - 60 amp - 450 amp burst. 2 - 3s
  22. Didn't even know you parted with the dc1, as said it was ment to encourage you to mod it to improve performance, makes a more capable and enjoyable rig and the prices are pretty cheap vs metal parts for other brands. I have had no failures on the gearset, its tough as old boots, the drive shafts pop out before the diffs take any damage. Servo is the weak point along with the panhard mount and steering bar having the screw fitting with barely any thread. Other than that oh and the very average shocks its great 😛
  23. It wasnt meant like that, i enjoyed mine for a little but soon realized it needed more money thrown at it to make it decent.
  24. I'm glad you choose to try the ftx, i harp on about mine all the time. Hope you enjoy it for a little bit. However im fully aware of its lack of wings, so that might change. Heavy weight rims and the metal axles make a big difference.
  25. The xr8 would rip in this, easily do 70mph. Or 1mph with sensored tweaks. I see your thinking on sensored and looks a blast! Sure she will have fun with it and until then the wife or yourself eh 🙂
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