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What did you do to your model today?


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Mostly electrical stuff today, fitted Traxxas receiver box with Absima receiver inside. 

Remade the old 6250mah lipos i had previously and fitted them with 6.5mm bullet connectors, giving them a charge now to see what they are like. 

To he honest not having used them for a few years they are still pretty balanced. 

Also made a short jumper lead to connect them together with. 




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Its Friday. Had a tough week at work so cracked open the A4 TT01E and a beer.  Bizarrely, Im enjoying the TT-01E build a lot more than the usual TT02? I just wish Id picked up a bearing kit and some oil shocks before I started but to be fair its only a shelfer. 




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Finished the TT01E for the Audi A4. Nothing special. 



Im thinking of running my Top Force Evo as 4WD is just better than 2WD IMO. Just going to use these electrics I have on hand. 





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just added the aero kit to this car,  hopefully ill notice an improvement, ill take it out again Tomoz and try it out.








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On 03/04/2024 at 12:49, markymarky said:

Also made a short jumper lead to connect them together with. 




Interesting observation today in fitting the ESC and motor to the Baja Flux.

I initially used the jumper cable I made previously and when I connected everything up I got a little spark at the connector.

However I remade this piece with the spare piece of wire that cames with the ESC, 8 AWG as opposed to 10 AWG.

This time when I connect it up, no spark.

To me at least this shows the sort of cable size you should be considering when dealing with 1/5th scale electrics.

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