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  1. In a hard impact the metal top hinge pin holder bends and the front of it pops out. They have revised it, but I don't know if it's filtered through to shop stock yet. I still think buying the Radix and doing the upgrade would work out cheaper than the Typhon
  2. I have the Radix and I am very happy with it, the front suspension set up needs upgrading though if you're going to be jumping it. The Arrma is more long term tested, but the spares as well as the car are more pricey.
  3. this? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-d100-v2-ac-dc-dual-balance-charger-421359 does he really need more than 100W? someone on here must know?
  4. Welcome! I've recently started stocking parts for the above cars. I am UK based and everything is posted out the next day with free second class delivery (you can upgrade for cost to 1st class if you're in a hurry) I have 99.7% positive feedback on Ebay and have Top Rated Seller status. Little poster attached below with example prices, this isn't the full range, and in addition I also do parts for Maverick Strada/HSP cars and a few general purpose RC related bit's too. Thanks for reading.
  5. a good thing about the Strada is that all the HSP buggy bits like arms and gearboxes/driveshafts all fit so fixing them is cheap.
  6. does the HSP part 11184 not fit? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174498146792?hash=item28a0e669e8:g:MEYAAOSwQjVgVG4o&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4KCXPsgMRW%2FFOi1wZkOx4IgVMor68I6Re59NqzVP8YKlTta2MQPfIzSLBB%2Bp4WHIaOViJO%2FZFRWWXm76RA%2Fqof%2BSrtWjG6jSH5ToGYDnarobQgm6helZ7GivXv5Cw6YLch3rg2QeYr4igjrTEh00w7dnKsrxuQDqUzSEGshy%2F0peSRIep%2BX6yCmYDVg7u4JrKBy7oUOwB980Nh7EkvwodUOcF2rmUkPyhYVlGDhme8fz9MOEaF6Eu%2BH%2BTCf%2F1Z%2FfGFuF0k3rjKffoDEYogM7ksgQavlQTpuCxrZqcGWCFhZM|tkp%3ABFBMiqmpn9Rg
  7. I also think they're decent, and a lot of the HSP buggy parts fit so fixing/upgrading is cheap too. www.tuneithoonit.co.uk
  8. Hi, I'm attempting to repair my cousins old QD clodbuster. Currently it goes forward but stutters and jumps when trying to go in reverse. I am assuming the gears are worn. I have had it apart but can't see anything obvious. Should I just replace all the white plastic gears, and if so where can I get hold of them, if you even can any more?
  9. and the Noble is tried and tested and only £25 more.
  10. it's a bargain. I had the GT5 and Noble side by side and the build quality of the Noble makes the GT5 feel like it came free with a Happy Meal.
  11. I had the GT5, I now have the Noble. The difference in, well everything, is amazing.
  12. You're welcome. Check out my Ebay store for a small (but expanding) range of bits for these cars. www.tuneithoonit.co.uk
  13. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004283463755.html?pdp_npi=2%40dis!GBP!£1.18!£1.18!!!!!%400b0a0ac216588228993765573ecdef!12000028623137128!sh&spm=a2g0o.store_pc_home.productList_2002961276890.pic_0 is that what you need?
  14. Redback your jokes are shocking.
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