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  1. First interview, got a job offer - for something I would genuinely enjoy - result!

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    2. GMballistic


      Congrats. :good:

    3. Yrkoon


      congrats 🙂

    4. Jack Reacher

      Jack Reacher

      well done, good on ya

  2. Superb day yesterday over at Polyapes Scale RC - brilliant courses set out and their scale village has so many different lines it was awesome.
  3. Yeah I'm really tempted to get the 2 door Bronco 2021 when it's available
  4. So after all that effort if plumbing in the winch and setting it up - it's come off for the new bodyshell.... Now it's an F150 Raptor, 75mm absima shocks to lower it and it's amost a proper Class 1 crawler:
  5. Been made redundant after 5 years - chin up and looking forward to new challenges 

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    2. ostewart


      @Jack Reacher I was a bit of a jack of all trades, but mostly Product Specialist / Marketing assistant with a little customer service still (I did that for 4 years before moving to marketing) for a distributor of audio products (mostly headphones). I was writing blog articles, shooting and editing youtube reviews, managing their social media...

      Luckily I have quite a few skills so shouldn't be too difficult - already had a friend who works at another similar company reach out to see if they can help. 

    3. Kpowell911


      I appreciate everyones situation is different, and its a very stressful and worrying time, but redundancy was the best thing to ever happen to me. Good luck, and regardless of all the stigma, negative press etc, make sure you look into any help you can get, Universal Credit etc. Youve been paying into the system for years, use it if you qualify/need it

    4. GMballistic


      That sucks sorry to hear that, ...been there myself more than once or twice so I know what it's like. 

      Best of luck. :good:

  6. Good to see this thread, I used to do a lot of mountain biking as a teen and then got a road bike as a form of transport to work/back. Now I have a car for commuting, I decided to sell the road bike and get back in to MTB. Got myself a Vitus Nucleus 27VR 2021 - had it since the beginning of last year but started getting out on it more often towards the end of last year. So far the changes have been: DMR Deathgrips DMR V8 pedals Maxxis Aggressor rear tyre Maxxis High Roller II front tyre Tubeless setup Shimano Saint BB Tektro high performance ceramic/metallic compound pads (stock organics glazed easily) Brand X 150mm dropper post And yesterday I installed a 1x11 speed Deore setup - the stock 1x8 was ok but had quite a limited 11-42t cassette, the Deore has 11-51t for steep climbs that I found myself struggling up. I took some time setting up the bike to my liking (cockpit, fork pressures etc...) and I love it now. All the upgrades I do will be with the mindset that I will then move the parts on to a higher end through-axle frame in the future. I also serviced the shocks very early on and installed oil soaked foam rings, also used peatys suspension grease upon reassembly and they have been super plush ever since - most of the issues people have with these budget forks are because the stock grease is terrible and in there for longevity and not performance. As I don't mind more frequent servicing I went with a more performance oriented setup.
  7. Got a whole pack through it on Sunday - some fun bashing and the 6200mah packs I have lasted a while. Only breakage was this, got some skid plates on the way too which may help. I wouldn't mind getting metal chassis braces one day too, as there is quite a lot of flex, and the stock springs are also quite soft. https://i.imgur.com/RDRMrKl.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/GWHlWFS.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/97ndQOj.mp4
  8. This shell really is on its last legs - new one soon! Now sporting a functioning winch via the 3rd channel on my controller.
  9. Fixed 😄 Although my local track might start up a 1/10 SCT class again - in the back of my mind I should sell this and get a SCT haha....
  10. It handles really really well - really enjoyable but the first bash lasted all of 20 mins at some dirt jumps 😂 I did say I wouldn't bash it too hard on it's first run, but that didn't last long - was doing big jumps as it just flies through the air so easily and is very controllable Sadly the stock front upper arm design isn't very good - so XTR parts on order that clamp everything together - like @.AJ. installed on his 4s Radix - will need to drill 2 holes in the stock shock tower. Either way - for £50 worth of parts to increase durability here, it's still a great buggy, especially for the price. The stock electrics are superb on 4s, enough speed for me and very driveable. I did change all the stock oils, diffs are 5k-7k-3k and 40wt shock oil in the front and 35wt rear.
  11. The more the merrier, it definitely makes a difference going out with at least one other person. Yeah I have hardcase 2s for bashers - soft case 3s (2900mah small ones) for crawling use
  12. I've got a set of these (without foams sadly): https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/426074 Really good condition, photos were taken after I cleaned them up, no tears or holes - would do a straight swap if you like.
  13. Me and my crawling friends all use soft case 3s lipos
  14. Been curious as to how good Zeee batteries really are, as they seem to be very good value if they work well. On another note, postie brought this today
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