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  1. I guess my shelf queen would be the Tamiya renault alpine, its to nice to use but not good enough to be a lot of fun to drive, but i dont do shelf queens, if i am not using an rc it gets sold simple
  2. I never planned to keep this car long and already have the bug for something a bit larger, so it will be going pretty soon
  3. Okay lets put this and kill the ftx of...................£499 for FTX or £499 for traxxas 2021 bronco ......................................i am not a trax fan but its a no brainer
  4. I used to build my own gps drones, using Naza v1 flight controller (still got the controller) also had the phantom for pure video flights here is the castle used in "Im a celeb, get me out before they took it over
  5. It does seem this wr8 is about the vest rally car on the market, not any thing else comes close
  6. stunning mate, love watching it in action, looks just like its on the lombard stage events with Colin at the wheel, top notch car......................................hope my numbers come up tonight
  7. That Scooby is expensive but having seen the video i would buy one in a flash if i could afford/justify it, one smart car
  8. great rig, but well worth stripping transmission and axles to re lube them as they will be rather dry, go careful with the hex bolts, they can round out
  9. Very nice, goes well, hope it survived the tumbles
  10. well said, they make some good value cars and should stick to that
  11. So i really would like to get one of these, however its not a rally chassis, but how would it cope with some light rallying? also will the chassis take a bit of extra power maybe a brushed 14T or even mild brushless set up
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