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  1. Nope! That’s the odd thing about it!
  2. New one on me! Went to use the Talion the other day and the steering was reversed! Very strange! I’ve not messed about with ESC programming and the tx has always been set to normal. It’s not a major as I can just reverse it on the tx and all is well. Just a bit bemused as to how it’s happened!
  3. With the zees I’ve found they overestimate capacity so hopefully on to a winner with these!
  4. Well had em out for a run. Plenty of punch, runtime is maybe a bit better than the Zees I have. Will see what they’re like after a few cycles.
  5. Broke the wheelie bar and wing mount on my Talion!
  6. Ha you’re a bit like me coming back! Welcome back!
  7. Mine turned up in a glorified Jiffy bag! No issues though, will get them on the charger when I come back from tea out!
  8. Honestly don’t know I will check!
  9. I don’t think the shafts suffer to badly from self righting. I snapped the end of one after a cartwheel. £8 for a pair of half shafts, still on the stock servo to. That’s probably the only thing I might change in the near future.
  10. I have a feeling the wheel will still fill up! No harm in trying though!👍
  11. Good shout! Just ordered 2x 5000mah Black series EC5 lipos for £37!
  12. Had a good blast down the field with the Maxx and the grass collector also known as a Talion!
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