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  1. Any new RC I get usually gets modded right away thus voiding any warrantee anyway
  2. The moulded tray part of the Outlaw driver set would need hacking up a lot to fit. Got some black ABS card that can be cut to a perfect fit then screw the Tamiya figures in place. Ordered from Tonystamiyaparts at 4:55 pm and already dispatched.
  3. Just ordered two of the Tamiya buggy drivers and will fasten them onto a piece of black plasticard. Should be easier to fit than the Outlaw part. Got the last two from Tonystamiyaparts but availableat MS etc. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-buggy-driver-figure-set/rc-car-products/390717
  4. Few different kinds of targets. Hmmmm wonder how good I’ll be at darts. John
  5. Or get one of the new Flysky GT5 radios that lets you switch steering modes on the TX or an Absima CR4T which also has different steering modes built in. No setting up needed. John
  6. Wonder if could fit the drivers from an Outlaw ? Don’t want to paint the stock drivers as they are a bit rubbish and don’t want to draw attention to them. Have the 3D print files for the front suspension arms and the knuckles so covered for the most likely breakages. John
  7. Can’t wait to see some posts of what others have done to their Desert Foxes.. Wish I had bought an extra one to play around with or just use for spares. John
  8. WOW these tyres are staying. So much more grip on grass as well as better handling. The Mad Bull / Lunch box tyres are 110mm tall compared to the stock 105mm so close enough to not need a pinion change. With the increased grip there was a bit more cogging when starting off but still not enough to be a problem. I fitted the tyres to Tamiya 2.2 inch wheels which gives them a flatter profile compared to stock Mad Bull 2.0 inch wheels.The new servo does improve the turning radius. So far just bits from the spares box used so keeping this a cheap and cheerful project. John Mad Fox
  9. Does fitting the tyres from a Mad Bull make this a Mad Fox??? Just thought I’d see what it looked like with wider tyres. Not intending to leave them on but might try seeing how it runs with them. John
  10. Don’t know anyone that bought the brushless. Everyone seems to have bought the brushed and upgraded it.
  11. Parcelforce driver was late today. Didn’t knock on my door till 7:00am. Couple of spare body body sets for the Fox.
  12. The stock radio is not bad actually and but I think the stock RX will bind with my Absima CR4T. John
  13. The fan is a precaution and may not be needed but cheap brushless motors tend to run hot. For a sensorless brushless system cogging is very minimal. Minor cogging when trying to start off very slowly but no problem with normal starts. I was impressed with how little cogging there was.. john
  14. I don’t mind people adding a bit on when reselling something like the Desert Fox But be reasonable. 10 or 20% perhaps. John.
  15. See someone’s stuck their HobyKing Desert Fox RTR on eBay...............ar 140 quid Hope it doesn’t sell. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-H-King-Desert-Fox-RTR-1-10-4WD-RC-Desert-Racer/332576053023?hash=item4d6f13d71f:g:TiYAAOSwImlanVRJ
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