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What did you do to your model today?


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Did some more assembling from the boxes of Blackout parts, most are too worn but luckily there are good parts in there.

The steering bar (ackerman?) was missing the brass bushes but I did have some bearings that would fit.

Reamed the holes to fit and had to double up the bar because the bearings were too narrow otherwise, each end has 3 bearings fitted.

Pretty smooth now, no idea how smooth the oem setup would be.





Made a soft rubber gasket (2mm) for the transmission gear cover, try to keep the dirt and sand out of there.   Self adhesive foam would also work but I didn't have any.  Aluminium piece to seal the open corner, think there is usually a separate plastic piece there.

Also added some extra screws to keep the gasket a snug fit.






And here is how it sits now, still work to do.  Quite happy at how clean the parts came up after a lot of cleaning in soapy water with some toothbrushes. 








I should probably make a thread of this in the large scale section 🤔

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3 minutes ago, Stormbringer said:

It probably wont stay clean for long mate :rofl:

A  thread in the large scale section would be cool :good:


Nice to start off with a clean one though lol 😆🙃

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I put a reciver in my GTX2 so I can take it for a run, the original Spectrum radio gear was lost so I've taken some from another buggy for now.

It worked out well because the mixing is easy on the T4PM, I did think about using FlySky but the one I have doesn't do mxing and I didn't want to mess around joining the wires together 🤡


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Yesterday I finally mended the engine mounts on my Rush Evo! I've had it since it first came out... What year was that? Must have been 2005 or 6 surely? I was around 12 I remember going to my local RC shop with my saved up Birthday and pocket money to buy it 🤣

Anyway a few months ago the engine come loose and ended up stripping the spur which was the original one! I simply tapped the old holes with a slightly bigger tap, and put some new bolts in! It came out really well!


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Measuring the battery boxes on both the savage and bullet, hopefully I can order the 4 x Zeee 5200 2s 50c hardcase lipo so I can use 3 off roaders at the same time. Maybe look for another spektrum receiver and transmitter.  Convert 1 ta02 to a drifter with lipos? Other ta02 shelf. lol. 

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More what did i do for my models......

So having 2 small scale crawlers the FCX24 K5 and the Rock van evo, they use small 2s lipo`s with 1.25 jst connectors that would use USB chargers with no facility to put lipo to storage.


So i got a pack of the 1.25 connectors, had to wait weeks from China, made up this cable so i can now charge or storage charge via a hobby charger, also using my Toolkit M6 i can charge in the field from a 2200mah 3s lipo. The cable was already XT60 to Red JST so just added the extra link


charge set up.JPG

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One disappointing moment, I have the tc3 team box, spare parts and manual but no car ☹️☹️☹️😱


maybe for the best as will not be doing indoor racing soon, more off road in park with family…


maybe leave the helicopters in attic for a moment…

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Spent far too long messing with large scale servos today. 😵‍💫

Need two for the steering and a normal sized one for the throttle/brake.  I have the smaller one because it's the same size as Trx4's etc. 


I have one large servo which doesn't look too good but works and is strong.

The matching one to that works but stops when hold the servo arm. Doesn't click or slip so I'm guessing it's a weak motor.  No part numbers on the motor so I can't just change that part.



Have another servo, same part number but isn't as tall, alloy body and all brass gears.

Didn't work so took it apart, wire came off the board.



Re-soldered all 3 wires but still didn't work.  Noticed one loose terminal on the motor so took the end cap off of the motor and the clip to the brush had come off.

Fixed that and now the servo seems to be working ok, can only just stall it by hand.  Pretty sure it's the same speed as the other one so they'll do for now and until I have funds for two new servos.



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Well, lipos arrived, will read instructions on how to charge etc.


thinking of giving the bullet a full rebuild before I see how bad I was using these.. don’t think I took her out more than once before they all ended up in attic.


then work on the savage…


hurry up rest days from work..

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when I built the savage my family got bigger so had to stop.


only took the savage on bricks / backyard to see if worked…not enough room to actually run it.


you say sort out savage first? lol

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