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  1. I have a decent battery bank, I've emailed heliguy to see when stock is due for more batteries or Fly More kit. Might have to just bite the bullet and get one from an eBay scalper. Tested out a few more modes like active tracking and stuff today, still gearing up for a proper flight.
  2. Did another flight today. Changed the controls to Mode 1 as I found this more natural (probably from playing computer games). I can't find any batteries in stock anywhere. 😞 Could really do with one before I go away in July. Still undecided on what carry case, looking for something soft and compact.
  3. Good runs! Nick said he hit 150 too.
  4. 2 new prizes for GOLD MEMBERS has gone up! 🙂


    1. Strugglecuddle7


      May i ask what the prizes are?

    2. Yrkoon


      oh awesome i just renewed about a week ago i think, i was drunk 😛

  5. Setup was a little muddled, think it choked on an update and required a bit of forcing it off and on again until the update worked. First test flight in garden was really good, the screen on the DJI RC is such good quality. All very intuitive and easy to use, I had no problems flying it - just like playing a video game, super smooth and predictable movements. Impressive, but for the price I wouldn't expect anything less. Need to get myself a decent mains plug to charge, only got 1amp ones kicking about so a bit slow, extra battery (if I can find any in stock!), a controller sunscreen and one of those propeller holders - I'll do another few flights first then get the wallet out again.
  6. Looks great, was that running any ND/CPL filters? hoping to do my first test run this eve. I ordered a 256gb MicroSD which is coming tomorrow so can't really record anything. What's the range like? What happens if you start to go too far?
  7. I've never used a drone so I'll let you know. Can't be that hard? I imagine the filmography side of things is more complicated than the flying... we shall see. Mine arrived today, thought it was the wrong delivery when I saw how small the box was.
  8. They've only got a small distributor where you can buy direct: https://www.rprcdistribution.com/ They are great kits, I think a lot of these high end niche brands sometimes find it hard, or uninterested in trying to set foot in the UK. Customer base isn't big enough for their product range.
  9. Thanks for the info, I use DaVinci too, I'm not sure about NC filters, as I could add motion blur as a post effect? CPL seems useful but unsure how much I'd use it, seems like a good one to just have on all the time to remove glare from water/cars/roofs? I'll do lots of tests and put some footage up, it'll be interesting to discuss the results and where you see these sort of filters might be handy for me in my use.
  10. Micro SD card... am I reading this right 128gb is only £20 now?! https://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-Extreme-microSDXC-Adapter-Performance/dp/B07FCMKK5X/ Other bits I'll get some test flights in and see what I feel I need after some experience. The filters I've read a bit about, would you use them much? Is it all depending on the lighting your shooting in? Great footage from such a small thing.
  11. Rules in Canada are same as UK, under 250g. So all good there! Which is why I got it to be honest (plus it's perfect size for backpacking about). Maybe a good thing I didn't get FMK, will see how it is when I get it and what I need. Will upload some test footage soon! Do I need a memory card? Didn't even think to check how storage works...
  12. Just ordered one, @m4inbrain the one you linked on heliguys was the non DJI radio, but literally this morning I got the stock notification so just placed the order. 😄 I don't have a good smartphone and quite like the idea of just having it as an all in one unit. I missed out on the Fly More kit though, they sold out fast! Did you guys get this? Off to Canada in July so can't wait to get some practice in before I go and get some good footage out there!
  13. I've been hunting down a Mini 3 Pro for weeks! Are they any good? I'm waiting for someone to stock them again!
  14. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/1345255 I believe it's a limited run. Disappointed that the loader doesn't tip (if they are suppose to or not on real thing?), that would be cool. Looks great though, just not for that dollar.
  15. I won't be there but the other Nick from workshop at Modelsport might be, he has a few speed run cars.
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