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My SCX10.2 - A Work In Progress.

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1 hour ago, DartmoorTrails said:

Get some fine grit on that panel Andy, it'll shine up a beaut👍


I love watching home made fab work comng together, always inspiring.

I’ve ordered some diamond plate from RCBITZ, which I’m planning on covering the panel with, and then weathering it. I’m also going to add a fuel cell that I can use as home for the RX/BEC further down the line.  
And home fab is something I really enjoy - keeps me happy for hours!  

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9 minutes ago, stimpy said:

As per txts, that looks flipping incredible mate 👍

Thanks mate!
I’ve weathered the fuel cell now and the overall look is even better now 👌

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Evening all.. 

So I have another update on my fabbed bed section...I was hoping I’d have it finished tonight but being back at work has slowed progress 👎 


After mocking up the rear at the end of the last update, I decided that rather than drill a bunch of holes into the frame rails to fix the bed down, I’d make a chassis brace for the rear and fix the bed to that - the new brace would use existing holes in the rails. 

I did a bit of online research and found that engineering grade plastic would probably work for my purposes, so I ordered a small sheet of Acetal - 250x250x8mm, which landed on the mat today. 

The aftermath of Saturdays quarry meet 😆




This is really nice stuff to work with..




The plan is to lose the two stock braces and replace them with one piece of Acetal.  If I find that one piece is to heavy I can always add lightness by cut sections out.



Looks pretty straight forward to me.. 




So I had a little measure up..



Made a template out of card - cardboard aided design (CAD). 



Transfer the template onto the lovely shiny plastic, using masking tape..

..measure tens times, cut only once. Hopefully! 🤞 



To file or cut, that is the question.. 




It was a combination of both, and it came out great!
Acetal is really nice to work with...if only I had a CNC cutter 😁


I mocked up the rear section to see how it all looked, now that I’ve weathered the fuel cell itself - and I’m really happy with it so far..





With any luck I’ll have this buttoned up after work tomorrow , just in time for the imminent arrival of a Shapeways care package 📦 


Oh I almost forgot..I also fitted a set of P-L duel stage foams to the 10.2, and I’m so impressed with the difference they made...it was like a different truck. The turning circle and side hilling are both hugely improved now. 


That’s all for now folks..

Edited by Andy-Roo
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I want a forward motor setup as well; do share what you find as the one I'd looked at was $150!!! Ludicrous money for a small machined piece of aluminium and transfer case.


Nice work on weathering the  fuel cell; I just painted the braces bit in matt black and sanded the red cell. Yours looks way better mate, good work.


As stimpy mentioned above, that's a lot of weight to be hoisting up there on the backend, along with the cage do you now find it a little heavy in the rear?

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1 hour ago, Badcrumble said:

Do we get pics of the forward motor transmission? When’s your next trip to the trail?  Only asking as I live most of my  RC life vicariously....

Yes, I’ll be posting pics and a write up about the transmission swap as soon as I get time - it’ll be a long post, so best I apologise now for boring you all with it 🤪

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29 minutes ago, RC_County_Crawler said:

That all looks tidy @Andy-Roo

You’ll have to forgive my ignorance, but I’m going to ask a noob question - is this for a 2 speed transmission?

The two speed can be fitted to this transmission as an upgrade, yes. But that’s not something I’ll be doing.  





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