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  1. Been done before. Hangers sat on a separate bearing... trouble is they can rock around sometimes causing jerkiness....
  2. Been a long road buddy, but looking good 👍
  3. As HH says, G speed UK offer a decent chassis. There is also a chassis release from GCRC which looks interesting....
  4. Can't you cut some flat ones out of lexan?. Or do you want all the features and bumps?
  5. I love Teknos!! Such quality. I have an MT410 but also the older ET48. I have to say the ET is solid, I really didn't think id like it as much as I do; very stable in the air and pretty strong. I also looked at the 2.0 version but at that time it was only just releasing and had little aftermarket support so picked up the older unit. I'm sure the support is there now. And yes.... UGLY AS DUCK!!🤣 But plenty of bodies that will fit I'm sure...
  6. Looks to be a real quality build that. And that body.... I don't appreciate the shape, but the paint job is just insane!!.. Enjoy 👍
  7. Personally I prefer Crawlmasters. The low down smooth power delivery is great. The Trailmaster will have better drag brake though if that is a primary concern. These days though I have moved onto the Puller crawl 400s or revolvers for brushless. All a lot further up the budget scale mind. Still have some 16t crawl masters in use mind. All the best.
  8. 5 Year old Navara really shouldn't need all this. Best of luck with it 👍
  9. I'm guessing you sell or fix bikes!.. Yeah, mostly I dream of it nowadays but must get out and ride more...
  10. RC Modelex gear is always nice quality!.. Your bed bobbing looks to have come out good - I've done a few now over the years also. Goodluck with the build.👍
  11. This looks good mate and some sensible mods 👍. The only Hpi I ever owned was a Vorza. It was incredible but the rear upright/hub kept breaking and metal units weren't available at the time. Was very very agile. Still toy with building a rally rc but not so many places to run a fast one round here. Goodluck with the Scoob!.
  12. what's your budget Andy? txt me back would be best...
  13. I got 2 somewhere mate. I believe one of them I have trimmed up some and the other untouched. If you are still after one then send me a pm mate.
  14. Oh dear!! So amain for standard plastic parts or nothing?.. I knew it had poor support but that truly is awful!!
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