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Corally jambo

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I have a corally jambo that I have had for about 2 years back end of last year i replaced all my drive cups to the spring steel options as i did that i changed all the dog bones since that happend there has been slipping during acceleration

The meshing is perfect checked the centre diff also had it at a couple of local modelshops and they cant identify where the problem is but i cant get the car to perform like its meant to because its slipping when you put the power down anyone got any ideas what it could be

I am running it on 6s

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On 03/02/2024 at 18:08, locky said:

Can ypu explain what slipping looks or sounds like?  Did you have the diffs apart to change anything?  Does it do the same when accelerating with wheels off ground, ie. no load.

I will try running it on my stand with no wheels on see what thats like  it sounds like its a gear slipping somewhere under acceleration

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It could be the grub screw coming loose on the drive cup which attaches to the gear meshing with the diff, just enough for some drive but slipping under full load. I've had it happen.


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Jam something in there to stop the center diff turning at all, then try to turn the front wheels over by hand and then the rear, if you can get them to "slip" follow the movement from wheel, to driveshaft, to drive cups, to diff, to prop, etc  to identify where its breaking down.

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