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  1. Any Scousers on here?


    I'm staying at a hotel on Albert Dock with work, but got a day off. Any fellow forum members fancy meeting up for a pint?


    Can't be a late night, though!

  2. Even £400 is pushing it. Regardless of the spec, FTX will always have that "cheapy brand" reputation. £350 - £370 would be much more reasonable... And I still wouldn't pay that for an FTX! They should embrace their low-to-mid-tier market presence and stick with it. After all, it has been serving them very well.
  3. I have to say, I really enjoy the atmosphere at a racing event and enjoy speaking to other racers. To me, the entire event is all part of it and is all enjoyable. Sometimes I feel like my heats come around too fast! But I'm talking about a 4 hour evening, not a multi-day event. Although, I'd love that.
  4. Yes, but from a realism standpoint, is 8x8 correct? Real lorries don't have driven front wheels, do they?
  5. Shouldn't this be a 6x8? The front wheels aren't driven, are they?
  6. Ah, a fellow Perth man. Welcome!
  7. Thanks, yeah, it does look miles better.
  8. Some good progress made, today. Went through to my Dad's (where the bike is currently being stored) and fitted a Motad exhaust system. At the same time, we fitted a lightweight, aluminium rear-brake lever. The Motad system allows the brake lever to sit at the correct angle, unlike that messy excuse for an exhaust that was on, before. Looks SOOOOO much better, without that awful, home-made monstrosity!! I also chopped the hangers for the pillion footpegs, since the Cafe Racer seat is only for 1 person and Rachel has said there's no way she's getting on the back! Chopped, grinded into shape, sanded, cleaned and painted. I'm super pleased about how they turned out. They look minimalistic and very much suit the Cafe Racer aesthetic. OK, we got them dirty, prior to the photo, but I promise they look good! After that, we sanded down and Kurust-ed (Kurustified?) rusty bits on the frame and swingarm, fixed the wobbly side stand and gear-selector, replaced the front brakes and removed the seat and fuel tank. Fuel tank will be getting stripped and painted. The seat will be getting altered to properly line-up to the tank and frame. Really enjoyable day with quite a lot to show for it.
  9. Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting it done.
  10. It's actually 306cc, but I guess they decided GPZ 305 sounded better.
  11. Bought myself a project on Sunday; 1992 Kawasaki GPZ 305. It was in the process of being converted into a cafe racer, but the previous guy butchered it, a bit! His home-made exhaust system sounds awful and it hits the rear brake lever! But, hey... it'll be a fun project and it was only £500 with a whole heap of spare parts. This'll be my first "big" bike (as in, anything that requires more than a CBT), so I'm very excited! VID-20220516-WA0005.mp4
  12. Not really... only the flex in the mount! That's the leading culprit, at the moment.
  13. Thanks all, for your suggestions. None at all. I can remove the centre propshafts and get the gearbox to reproduce the issue, by itself. It certainly looks like that, when you see the part where the front has stopped and the rear is still going. However, when you look at the short bit of phone footage in the living room, you can see that neither propshaft is turning, so the drive isn't getting as far as the axles. The outdrives from the gearbox aren't spinning. Yeah, that's definitely possible. It would also explain why there is nothing wrong, when I take the gearbox to bits. but then... if it look fine when the gearbox isn't under use, how do you diagnose it!? I had the motor out. It's fine. I'm convinced it's the gearbox.
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