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    2021 XRay XB4 Buggy Kit


    • Next generation of the multi-time World Champion XB4 platform
    • Available in Carpet and Dirt Editions ready for high or low track conditions
    • All-new front & rear bulkheads with Horizontal Split Design (HS)
    • All-new front and rear diff height adjustment
    • All-new central drivetrain angle and height adjustment
    • Longer front and rear central drive shafts and shortened pinion gears for improved drivetrain efficiency
    • All-new Multi-Adjustable Slipper Clutch with independently adjustable front/rear slippage
    • New 2mm chassis redesigned to accommodate all the new components
    • All-new front & rear suspension holders with extra wide range of set-up adjustments
    • Revised front & rear shock towers with closer shock positions for finer adjustment
    • Updated front shock absorber bodies and shafts shortened by 2mm for increased stability and corner speed
    • All-new tweak-free Quick Battery Holder featuring smart height adjustment
    • New rear body mount with a more frontward position to accommodate the new bodies
    • All-new servo saver stands to accommodate the new front Horizontal Split Bulkhead (HS)
    • Two new Gamma body styles designed to enhance the handling characteristics of the Carpet and Dirt Edition kits






    Source: Xray :) 

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    Wish I had somewhere to run one of these rigs, they look so capable.

    What sort of price would I expect to pay do you think?

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    £400-500 for a 4wd now! Spares aren't cheap either. 


    Edit £550 for this!!! 




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    It's been the trend for a while now with most off-road buggies. Yearly updates with the latest and greatest tiny changes coming to give the 'edge' over the competition (Other drivers) so they will have buy the newest Associated, Schumacher, Serpent, SWorkz, TLR, HB, Yokomo, PR etc to 'keep up' with the other drivers, especially on artificial high grip surfaces.


    Usually the chap behind the wheel has more influence 🤔😂🙄.


    At my local club the fastest guy is running a 3 generation old K2 against the current top tier latest cars with no problems. 


    I've owned pretty much all 1/10 buggies except for a couple and in my opinion the 'best' one is the one you like the most for whatever reason then the platform support and spares availability and cost. 

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    They will eventually price themselves out. The running costs are very high, £7.99 for a  set of tires and some times you'll only get a few good runs out of them before they are considered warn. This was one the the reasons I stopped, I now shoot most weekends and that makes RC seem cheap! 

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    At regionals, a top tier driver will bin a set of tyres after one five minute run!


    I just race for fun and the craic. Once it's too competitive and travelling hundreds of miles I don't find it fun anymore. 

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