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    Flying Cars Film Review



    Watching the trailer, Flying Cars might seem an unusual topic for a film but as an adult still playing with RC cars, it covers a lot of familiar stuff about the hobby - it’s pretty cool.


    “...you won’t find another opportunity to watch a full length RC movie”


    Written and directed by Dave Hill, who grew up with RC cars and is all about the casual bashing scene. The story follows the character Drew, with a dead end office job, little money, a rocky relationship but a true passion for what we all know is a fun and expensive hobby.


    Like many of us who were newbies in the RC scene, Drew’s first efforts in connecting with the RC community was to try racing and also like many of us who have played pinball bouncing around barriers at a track, we thought “nah”... launching them over jumps at your local BMX track is way more fun!


    “...the inner geek in you will probably start an easter egg hunt of how many RC brands you can spot”




    Drew soon ditches the racing scene and goes on an RC bashing rampage, he also ties in another passion a lot of RC enthusiasts share - making videos, as he films various attempts of launching his Associated RC8.2e off a homemade ramp and over his house, editing them together whenever he gets a chance. This doesn’t go down well for his fiance Sadie, who won’t take the hobby that Drew feels passionately about, seriously. A joke we pass around quite often of “don’t tell the wife” is amusingly present throughout the film.


    There are a lot of big names that will catch your eye and the inner geek in you will probably start an easter egg hunt of how many RC brands you can spot, there’s no hiding brands in this film, Team Associated, Reedy, Turnigy, Proline and many more make an appearance.




    During his RC endeavours Drew meets a talented girl, Rachael, at the local RC track who he shares his passion and adventures with throughout the story. Rachael is a young “I’m better than you” kinda girl when it comes to RC and while she might make you cringe at times with her dorky personality, it becomes apparent that she is mostly hanging about because she becomes a little attached to Drew - something his soon to be wife Sadie is not okay about.


    I watched Flying Cars with my girlfriend, who is not at all into RC, her thing is horses - and I’ve seen every horse movie there is (and there’s a lot of them), so this was my turn. Because I was bouncing off the walls telling her what every RC car I saw was, it was good to get a normal(?) persons perspective, of which she enjoyed the casual, romantic adventure. It’s a steady paced film. Drew is somewhat an anti-hero, questionably likable with his actions, which is unusual for a lead character - but life can be like that, some people just aren’t likable.


    In a nutshell, if you enjoy bashing your RC about and watching YouTube videos of others doing the same, you won’t find another opportunity to watch a full length RC movie you can geek off to and casually enjoy a fictional story along with it. Go check it out!


    Flying Cars is available to watch now on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vimeo and Apple TV, find out more here: www.flyingcarsfilm.com


    Read our interview with Dave and Trenton, the men behind the movie here:




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