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  1. Call the BRCA or contact them. Their insurance definitely covers bashers. It's mandatory for club, regional and national events. On the BRCA website you can download the Members booklet that tells you all about the insurance cover they offer. https://www.brca.org/f2-stock-cars-documents/29-brca-handbooks/72-brca-handbooks-2022/1712-members-handbook-2022-web-v2 Pages 10-12.
  2. You should be able to hold it tightly with your thumb and index finger tightly and unscrew it anti-clockwise. It's probably just a chrome plated plastic cover that has threads on the inside to screw over the threads after the wheel nut to cover it. It's purely cosmetic
  3. BRCA covers you for bashing, it's not just racing. https://www.brca.org/join "Club and BRCA Sanctioned events with BRCA membership insurance This membership entitles you to Race or Drive RC Cars, and have a Vote on section & general rules at the BRCA AGM or section EGM This membership type is designed for Park Bashers Club Racers National Racers"
  4. I've put the Element solid front axle on (sold the IFS so can't put it back) and high clearance links front and rear. I changed out the plastic 1.55 wheels and tyres for some beadlocks and Proline tyres. It's still running the stock RTR electrics and has seen no more than 2 hours use. It's just been something I've tinkered with but not actually ran very much. It has the Knight customs front and rear 3d printed light buckets ready for lights. Has the updated aluminium panhard mount and rear V2/GKS suspension mounts and fittings. Body has been trimmed slightly for 120mm tyres. Will come with the plastic non-beadlock wheels and un-glued tyres or I could swap out to the proline wheels and tyres I was using. Looking for £220 as is, price can be negotiated as can wheels/tyres.
  5. For sale is my race buggy. In good condition with only minor wear as pictured on the underside of the chassis. 25T servo horn is fitted. Buggy is box stock apart from Delrin shock bushes and front 2x1.7 hole machined piston and rear 2x1.8 hole machined piston. The front pin brace is the stronger steel one and not aluminium as per the kit build. Car comes fitted with the kit front and rear anti-roll bars. Front caster inserts, rear C and D block inserts, and rear hub height inserts, Ackerman arms and the diff height adjustments parts are present and are from the new kit. Everything you will receive is pictured. If you have any questions please get in touch. Will come in the original box, partially disassembled with some spare stickers and the instruction manual on a credit card size thumb drive. Looking for £220 Posted.
  6. Just incase anyone here might be interested in a top quality servo. Only used for a few months in a 2wd buggy with a servo saver fitted so has seen no real stress. £150 new from Modelsport. £70 posted for members here. Torque (4.8V): 9 kg-cm / 124.9 oz-in Torque (6.0V): 12 kg-cm / 166.6 oz-in Torque (7.4V): 15 kg-cm / 208.3 oz-in Speed: 0.09 s (4.8V) / 0.073 s (6.0V) / 0.059 s (7.4V) Weight: 58.5 g (2.06 oz) Dimension:40.5 x 20.5 x 25.4 mm
  7. I agree. Also trying to explain FTQ to new people is a little difficult that you all start at the same place with 1.5 second intervals and you're not racing for position but to get as many laps in 300 seconds as possible despite other cars on tracks always causes frustration from faster drivers wanting to be let through back markers but these slower people usually see it as 'racing' and fight for position Vs just letting them through and 9 times out of 10 letting them through with no fuss allows no incidents Vs 'racing' and both getting tangled and needing to be marshalled. As you say, at BRCA regionals it's the same format. Start at 8am and have 4 rounds of FTQ which usually works out around 1 hour wait for 5 mins qualifying. Then at around 4pm you finally get to actually 'race' for position. I'm keen to try round by round racing where it's purely position based racing Vs the clock in FTQ where you earn points by finishing position over 3 rounds and then those points dictate your start position in the final races. Pretty much all 1/10 BRCA is FTQ though, so at club meets it's also the same format to keep it all similar.
  8. Just looking for a cheap set of tyres to mount on some 1.9 beadlocks to put on my Knightrunner before I sell it.
  9. I think his concerns over software was because the DJI Fly app from the Google play store is not there, you have to download it direct from DJI and then allow for unknown apps to run. He won't be near any airports as he is into hill walking and usually nothing built up within sight. I was just unsure as it's only something I've briefly dabbled in. I think he just needs a flyer ID and put the number on the drone and he is golden? Thanks guys 👍
  10. Want to get a drone for some footage for a mate who is out hill walking. DJI Mini 2 are going for £300-400 used and seems to be fairly good in light winds and does 4k and under the 250g limit and is small. Keep reading about how DJI restrict you and have questionable privacy policies and are black listed in the US. Is there anything similar in that price range that offers similar quality footage?
  11. I've just upgraded wheels and tyres so these are now surplus. 106mm/4.19" class 1 tyres. Only had a couple of hours of light woodlands trails. £60 new https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/rc4wd-zt0160-rc4wd-goodyear-wrangler-mtr-19-419-scale-tires-426034 China 1.9 beadlocks, 10 hole. Good condition. Shanrya brand. £40 new. Note the tyres are not mounted. Wheels just placed in wheels for pics, incase you think they look weird! Looking for £50 posted.
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