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  1. Am I reading your after a motor? That I can prob help with.
  2. I get it's not an official record, being as no adjudication / testing method, and thanks for info re traps vs GPS folks. Massively impressive, these people devote a lot of time (most valuable resource to any of us posting here) and money - I'm not surprised folks don't show under the shells but also see that by not doing so they do leave themselves open to accusation. Being a well respected member of the community however mitigates much of that to me at least. Kudos to the guy.
  3. Impressive stuff and on bare asphalt too. For those that 'do' how do these GPS figures compare to radar speed traps etc?
  4. Loving seeing how everyone is getting on with these, it's still on my wanted list but like everything RC atm price rises are a bit silly - used ones seem to fetch almost as much as new. Failing getting hold of one i'm on the lookout for a sensible priced cage to convert one of my many buggies.
  5. Bar a bug shell is there anything else you might want? (charger? Wheel sets? pit tools? mojave roll cages? anything else?) I've been looking to do a DB conversion to a buggy awhile but will need to factor clear panel costs and RC fund is pretty dry! Thanks
  6. Bump, have some radio gear to include now (hobao 2.4ef) so RTR
  7. It's literally new in sealed bag...
  8. Needs no introduction, the best budget jack of all trades basher available. Low use Hyper 7 TQ (2?) chassis converted to brushless. Add electrics and go. Mount is the ever trusty absima, battery tray a knock off of the hong nor one (the absima kit battery tray is awful). Centre diff serviced with 60k oil, shell is original and solid. All works as it should, diffs nice and smooth, shocks good and very little driveline wear. If you'd rather grass / dirt tyres let me know and i'll sort something more suitable. Any questions feel free to ask, I could supply a motor/servo cheaply on top of asking for extra if required, but sadly have no esc spare. Cash pref (tamiy money!), but open to trades for RC bits, WHY - cash either way, but PM to save clutter, only thing I'm really craving atm is an 8SCe... £110 net
  9. Don't forget that BL systems will also run hot if under geared (and you driving WOT all the time to compensate). Brushless motors have lots of torque, assuming driveline is good, and that motor is a 40/42 mm 74 mm long min then 2200 i'd guesstimate at 17t for 4s.
  10. Some light reading for you here:
  11. Must be 1/10? Our budget will stretch to 1/8 if your careful. Shameless plug to look in sales section from me 🙂
  12. Hong Nor X3e Brushless 1/8. Factory model, supplied ARTR. Runs 4s, 2100kv (iirc) leopard motor, hobbywing 120a esc. 16mm big bore shocks (some of the best in the industry), front CVA's, fully adustable turnbuckles etc, brand new wheels and tyres (Louise-C), shell solid but not perfect (see detailed pic). Upgraded rear hinge pin brace to address the usual issues on RTR spec rigs. Has very little wear to running gear, plastics or chassis as can be seen - it is used though so not perfect - negatives I can see is some gravel rash to shock towers/caps, shock boots have gone the way they all do - study the pics and it's filthy. Runs and drives as it should, I've put a pack through it recently and as always it didn't disappoint. Err, I have a few of these and need some shelf space for other rigs. If your used to conversions or heavyweight bruisers this will surprise you - they are extremely nimble and handle like they're on rails - a real joy to drive and usual Hong Nor excellent build quality. Latest version is still sold, parts are easily available - there's also a Pro with some tasty parts you can dip into for upgrades if so wished. I also have a few spare new Pro parts that I could do a deal with new owner if wished (see last pic, these are NOT included by default for sale price). Collect DE5, meet up or post at cost. Not really interested in trades but feel to PM WHY. Offers welcome if you think I'm out. £200 ARTR ono £150 roller on
  13. Good to see it being enjoyed, can't beat the sound, smell and satisfaction of a good running nitro. For those of us who lack time however... and then there's cleaning if you're a stickler like AJ. Def picked the best colour did 53hra - the blue to me looks a little cheap once it gets that used look. Almost makes me want to run one of my two nitro GT's and not perpetually weigh up sticking a 2650kv Castle in them.
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