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    GensAce Advanced Series Smart Lipos



    The Advanced series design concept is based on being a more convenient, user friendly and safety oriented series of batteries. We produce the high quality LiHv cells,hard-case,internal circuitry, 8 gauge wire, power indicator lights and other smart features.

    The first concept of 4.35V high-voltage allows higher energy density and longer battery life. Each cell with 3.8V nominal voltage.

    2.pngThe following is taking 10000mah 4s for example.
    t1.pngA press of the button will show the remaining charge level of the pack from 4 LED power indicator buttons. Each represents 25% of the pack total charge level.


    t12.png t2.png t22.png

    When there is a large cell voltage difference ( > 300mV) the LED button will flash red and blue.

    If the pack voltage is too low the LED button will have a solid red light .

    t3.pngIf after 5 days the internal circuit detects a charge level above 3.95v per cell the Advanced battery circuit will begin the self storage mode and stop when storage level 3.92V is achieved.t32.png t4.pngWhile detect an overcharge condition it will cut the connection to the balance lead causing the charger to stop. LED button light will flash red and warn that there is an overcharge condition until the battery voltage drops back down to normal.t42.png

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    Better safe than sorry, especially for newcomers.

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    I can’t see who they’ve made these batteries for. Surely no one is silly enough to pay that money for a single battery 😳

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    Just as bad or worse on price than the Spektrum Smart Series Lipo's for Aircraft :rofl:



    Edited by Sweeney.
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