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  1. Mine started clicking after the scale Nats, I think mine is coming from the rear but I haven't tracked it down. It doesn't seem to be causing any issues so I'm just going to run it as is until it fails or I can be bothered to take it apart to see where its coming from.
  2. https://planetradio.co.uk/planet-rock/news/rock-news/rammstein-coventry-loud/
  3. So apparently it was so loud (can confirm it was stupidly loud, surprised didn't up with ruptured ear drums 不) it could be heard over 11 miles away 不不不
  4. Finally made it to see these guys after the original show should've been in 2020. Probably one of the best bands to see live.
  5. So the new season of The Boys is probably going to scar me for life

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    2. Darren Frosty

      Darren Frosty

      Just watched the trailer for happy, definitely getting some of that in my life! Cheers Brian.

    3. Scottyb


      Happy is definitely a hidden gem, such an out there show but it's so good

    4. supersavage


      Will have to check Happy out.

  6. I really like this but I have no idea why
  7. My Rammstein tickets finally arrived as we were supposed to see them in 2020. I really wasn't expecting them to turn up. Looking forward to getting roasted alive 不休休休
  8. Was hoping to get there but it's just a bit too far. Hopefully the weather will be nice for you all and post up some pics of the day
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